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Limitatioms of computers?

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Computers are both limitless and severely restricted. They can do whatever they are programed to do no matter what the task is so long as they have the hardware necessary and instructions on how to do it. On the other hand they are limited because they can only do what they are instructed to do and are currently incapable of teaching themselves, as well as being able to make the moral not simply logical decisions that humans can.

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What are seven categories of computers?

the 7 categories of computers are: personal computers, mobile computers, game consoles, servers, main frames, super computers, and embedded computers!

What are the seven major categories of computers?

Personal Computers Mobile Computers Gaming Computers Game Consoles Servers Main Frames Super Computers Embedded Computers.

What are the five kinds of computers?

Well, as I'm not sure what "kinds" you mean:Mechanical analog computersElectronic analog computersElectromechanical digital computersElectronic digital computersHybrid computers (part digital part analog)Relay computersVacuum tube computersTransistor computersIntegrated circuit computersMicroprocessor IC computersBusiness computersScientific computersGeneral purpose computersSupercomputersEmbedded computersMainframe computerMinicomputerMicrocomputerCluster computerSystem on a chipDid I cover the kinds you wanted?

What are the seven categories of computers?

Based on the size and use, computers can be categorized into seven types. They are embedded computers, super computers, main frame computers, servers, game consoles, mobile computers and personal computers.

Types of computer?

Analog computers.Digital computers.Hybrid computers (part analog, part digital)Mechanical computers.Electromechanical computers (e.g. Harvard Mark I, Zuse Z-3)Vacuum tube electronic computers.Transistorized electronic computers.Integrated circuit (IC) electronic computers.Microprocessor IC electronic computers.Business computers.Scientific computers.General purpose computers.Supercomputers.Mainframe computers.Minicomputers.Microcomputers.Embedded computers.Would you like more types?

What are small computers called?

Micro or mini computers, hand held computers, notebook computers....

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Computers, at least no mainstream computers, do not have feathers.

What are personal computers from Apple called?

Modern Apple computers are referenced to as Mac computers or Macintosh computers

Why are modern computers smaller than early computers?

Early computers are large Modern computers are easy to carry and they run several programs at once and they have lot of memory.

What has the author Ian Litterick written?

Ian Litterick has written: 'How computers work' -- subject(s): Computers, Juvenile literature 'The Story of Computers (The Age of Computers)' 'How Computers Work (The Age of Computers)'

What is hybrid computers?

These computers are a combination of both digital and analog computers.

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yes dell computers are better than phillip computers!

What kind of computers can one find at Budget Computers?

At Budget Computers, you can find 27 different brands of desktop computers. You can choose a variety of computers at affordable prices from the Budget Desktop Computers website.

What is the difference between micro computers and mobile computers?

Micro-computers are computers that run on modern day microprocessors. However, Mobile computers are a part of micro-computers and instead they are laptops, mobile phones, smartphones...

More differences between early computers and modern computers?

Early Computers were large in size while today computers are compacted .Early Computers were Vaccum tube and transistor based while today computers are ICs based.Early Computers were slow and today computers are fast.Early Computers were used punch card for storage while today computers used Secondry storage ( Hard Disk) for storage.Early Computers were not user friendly todays computers are user friendly

What are the seven categories of computer?

the 7 categories of computers are: personal computers, mobile computers, game consoles, servers, main frames, super computers, and embedded computers!

What are the six basic types of computers?

Six basic categories of computers: - Embedded computers - Mobile devices - Personal computers - Midrange servers - Mainframe computers - Supercomputers

What is the collective noun for computers?

The collective nouns are a network of computers, a bank of computers.However, there is a move to add a 'cloud of computers'.

When did the history of computers begin?

long before there were computers. when humans were the only computers.

What is the sixth generation of computers?

the sixth generation of computers means the modern computers

Computers in the 1950s and 1960s?

information about history of computers information about history of computers

What is the differences in the 1856 computers and the 2009 computers?

computers weren't invented in 1856.

Does Logitech make computers?

No, they only make peripherals for computers not computers themselves.

Classification of computer according to capacity?

When classified according to capacity, the computers can be classified into five groups. The five groups includes the super computers, the large computers, the medium sized computers, the mini computers and the micro computers.