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" All placental mammals will have a "belly button" as this is the remainder of the umbilical cord when they were attached to their mother in the womb. It's difficult to see due to mammals having fur or hair.

Also...If you think of it....birds and reptiles that come from eggs will have some "form" of a "belly button" as when they are in the egg they are attached to the "yolk sac" via a cord.

Maybe you can't see this clearly due to scales and feathers..but I bet if we looked closely'd find "something" I bags NOT to be the person who wrestles with a croc to find out if reptiles have one!!!"

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Q: Mammals have a belly button which is the remainder of their attachment to the umbilical chord but do birds reptiles fish etc. have a remainder of their attachment to the yolk sack?
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Do fish have umbilical chords?

Umbilical cords are a development in mammals. Fish, amphibians, turtles, reptiles, and birds would (and all invertebrates) would lack such a feature, as they hatch from an egg.

Is reptiles a mammals?

No, reptiles are not mammals.

Are reptiles considered mammals?

reptiles and mammals are considered two separate categories of animals. reptiles differ mainly due to the fact that they are egg laying animals and are cold blooded (exothermic) mammals however have an umbilical cord supplying food directly to the foetus. mammals are also warm blooded (endothermic) meaning they can regulate their own body heat regardless of environmental temperatures (unlike cold blooded reptiles)

What do you call mammals with umbilical cords?

They are placental mammals.

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Snakes are reptiles. Both mammals and reptiles are animals.

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Mammals are not closely related to reptiles

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reptiles are scaly mammals have fur and is soft.

What are mammals and reptiles?

Mammals are warm blooded and reptiles are cold blooded.

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No reptiles are mammals.

Four traits that separate mammals from reptiles?

1. Mammals are warm-blooded; reptiles are cold-blooded. 2. Most/all mammals have hair; reptiles do not. 3. Female mammals have mammary glands; female reptiles do not. 4. Mammals have sweat glands; reptiles do not.

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No, only mammals have a placenta with umbilical chord.

What was the physical changes from reptiles to mammals?

The physical changes from reptiles to mammals are there skin. Reptiles have dry scaly skin and mammals have smooth skin.

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