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Open and read your owner's manual I don't have one, pls post better answer. You said manual for fusebox. That is in your owners manual. You never said you didn't have one. You need an owners manual for more than just finding the fuse box display. You need it to know when to do scheduled maintenance on certain items. Sources are Dealer, Salvage Yard, and many on-line sources. Type "automobile owners manual" into a search engine. You will find many sources. You may even find an on-line owners manual. GM has these but not sure about Toyota.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-20 23:14:46
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Q: Manual for fusebox for 93 Celica GT?
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What is the hose called that goes from the intake to the air filter box on your 1993 Toyota Celica GT?

the Haynes Repair manual Refers to it as an Air hose I also have a 93 GT

When was Toyota Celica GT created?

Toyota Celica GT was created in 1990.

When did Toyota Celica GT happen?

Toyota Celica GT happened in 1990.

Will a transmission from a 94 celica gt fit a 91 celica gt?

The transmission from a 94 Celica GT will fit in a 91 Celica GT with minor modifications. This includes adjusting the shift linkage and mounting points.

Where do you add manual transmission fluid on a 1992 Toyota Celica GT?

Should be a plug at the side of the transmission

Can you put in regular gas in a Toyota Celica gt 2000?

Use exactly what is listed in your owners manual.

Will 1991 Toyota Celica GT manual transmission work in a 1995 Toyota Celica GT with a 3SFE engine?

no this transmission has a different bolt pattern and pilot bearing. also the half shafts will not fit properly.

Can a Nissan skyline RB series engine fit a 93 Toyota celica gt?

No the chassis of the 1993 Toyota Celica will have to be modified to fit it. The transmission required also uses a 4WD system which will have to be custom made for the Celica.

93 Toyota celica gt starts but engine won't rev up what could it be?

i also have a 93 celica gt and my was doing the same thing i could start it only with my foot to the floor and the problem with mine was stuck mechanical lifters so you should take the valve cover off and check the lifters

What is faster a Celica gt or a 240sx?

most likely the celica.

Can a 1990-1993 celica door can fit a 1992 celica gt?

The 1990 Celica door will be a direct bolt on to a 1992 Celica GT. Even the Coupe model doors were the same.

Did Celica gts 6sp transmission will fit celica gt?


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