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i also have a 93 celica gt and my was doing the same thing i could start it only with my foot to the floor and the problem with mine was stuck mechanical lifters so you should take the valve cover off and check the lifters

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โˆ™ 2007-11-29 17:37:58
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Q: 93 Toyota celica gt starts but engine won't rev up what could it be?
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Why do Toyota dash lights stay on after engine starts?

A bad relay switch could be the culprit if dash lights remain on after engine starts in a Toyota. Cold weather can also cause these lights to stay on after the engine starts.

Why would a 1986 Toyota Celica not start immediately after driving it?

It could have a leaky carburetor or injector that's causing the engine to flood.

What could cause your Toyota Celica to shake while running?

wheel balance

Toyota Celica vvti no hot air engine overheating?

If the Toyota Celica VVTI is not blowing hot air through the heater, but the engine is overheating, there could be a problem with the radiator being plugged up. Sediment sometimes builds up in the radiator that can clog thermostats. Another problem might be the thermostat sticking or the water pump is leaking.

How is your Toyota Celica engine is over heating what could cause this?

Many possible causes... coolant level, thermostat, head gasket, water pump, fan not working

How do you change the light bulb in a 2000 Toyota Celica?

Could you please narrow down what lightbulb?

What if your 1990 Toyota Celica 2.2 gt is making a horrible fast clinking taping sound from the engine can anyone tell you what it could be?

its sounds like your motor could be knocking you should go to an mechanic

The turn signal and hazard lights no longer work on 2000 Toyota celica what could be the problem?

did you check your fuses

What could cause Toyota celica rear wheels to feel unstable and wobbly?

They probably just need to be balanced

Why is your 1991 Celica smoking?

There could be several reasons why a 1991 Celica is smoking. Engine oil could be on the motor to make the car smoke. The also may be overheating causing it to smoke.

Where could somebody find Celica cars?

The costumer can find a celica car at their local toyota dealer. If the costumer can not find the cars they want in stores they can order them online or from a separate dealer.

What is causing a rotation noise on the rear of Toyota Celica?

I have replaced the front disc brake rotors, pads and the rear drums and shoes with new components on my 1994 Toyota Celica ST. The auto transmission is operating well. What could be making a rotational noise?

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