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Q: Matthew flinders attitude to aboriginals
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What is Matthew Flinders full name?

Matthew Flinders's full name was simply Matthew Flinders.

Who was Matthew Flinders' mother?

Matthew Flinders' mum was Susanah.

What country was Matthew Flinders from?

Matthew Flinders was born in England.

What was Matthew Flinders nationality?

Matthew Flinders was born in England.

What type of explorer was Matthew Flinders?

Matthew Flinders was a sea explorer.

Where was Matthew Flinders born?

Matthew Flinders was born in Donington, Lincolnshire, England.

How old was Matthew Flinders when he died?

Matthew Flinders was only 40 when he died

How did Matthew flinders travel?

Matthew Flinders travelled by ship. He was a sea explorer.

When was Matthew Flinders - academic - born?

Matthew Flinders - academic - was born in 1972.

When was Matthew Flinders' Cat created?

Matthew Flinders' Cat was created in 2002.

Why did Captain Flinders create Flinders Hospital?

Matthew Flinders did not create Flinders Hospital.

Who were Matthew Flinders parents?

Matthew Flinders' parents were Matthew (senior), who was a surgeon, and Sussanah (nee Ward).

What is the name of Matthew flinders' wife?

Matthew flinders wife was named anne Chapelle

Who was flinders street station named after?

Matthew Flinders

What buildings are named after Matthew Flinders?

Flinders building

Did Matthew flinders have any siblings?

No Matthew Flinders did not have any siblings. Matthew Flinders was an English navigator most known for exploring Australia and identifying it as a continent.

What is Matthew Flinders named after?

The Matthew Flinders University of South Australia is named after the explorer Matthew Flinders, who circumnavigated Australia between December 1801 and June 1803.

Where did Matthew Flinders die?

Matthew Flinders died in London, England on 19 July 1814.

What was the name of the ship in which Matthew Flinders circumnavigated Australia?

Matthew Flinders circumnavigated Australia in the Investigator.

When was Captain Matthew Flinders born?

Captain Matthew Flinders was born on March 16, 1774.

When and where did Matthew Flinders die?

Matthew Flinders died on July 19, 1814 in London, England.

What explorer circumnavigated Tasmania with Matthew Flinders?

Matthew Flinders circumnavigated Tasmania with George Bass.

What is Captain Matthew Flinders's birthday?

Captain Matthew Flinders was born on March 16, 1774.

Who did Matthew flinders serve for?

From the age of 15, Matthew Flinders served with the British Royal Navy.

What were Matthew Flinders' achievements?

Captain Matthew Flinders was the first person to identify Australia as a continent.