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My 2001 Millenia has had this issue almost since I got the car. It is an air bag assembly problem that nobody seems to be able to fix. I'm to the point of consulting an attorney!

The problem lies within the fact that Mazda didn't do a good job of their electronics. To conbat the light you need to look under the drivers & passengers seat. You will see a white connector under there unplug them both for about 20 second with the car off. This should solve the problem.

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โˆ™ 2011-05-19 12:44:19
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Q: Mazda Millenia 2002 Air Bag light flashing when car starts It flashes 6 times then takes a longer brake and then 6 times all over again Looks like its indicating some diagnostic code?
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Count the flashes. That is a code. Look it up in the service manual and follow its diagnostic procedure. I had code 4 on a 93 capri. I went through the diagnostic procedure and the result was everything was OK with the other circuits, it said to replace the diagnostic monitor module, which is a computer that monitors the air bags and flashes the codes. The diagnostic monitor is separate, it should not affect the operation of the air bags, it only attempts to discover faults in the air bags that would prevent their deployment, it does not actually deploy them. I am loathe to replace the diagnostic monitor (because I'm cheap). I may yet disable the light, if I can. Maybe that was your question, how do you turn off the light without actually fixing anything? The service manual says if the light is not functional, the diagnostic monitor beeps instead. So maybe I need a light that appears to be flashing, but is dark? There is much redundancy in the air bag system itself. I would hope that most of the faults the diagnostic monitor finds are not critical faults because of the built in redundancy. In other words, the diagnostic monitor might only be telling you that one level of redundancy has failed.

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