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Meaning of Bore in a car?

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it is a spinning motor thing and it makes the weels go round Bore is the diameter of the cylinders.

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How do you calculate the engine size on your car?

.7853x bore x bore x stroke x #of clyinders

Is there a word beginning with C meaning gun bore?

Caliber "Caliber" is a word for the diameter of the bullet or the bore of the gun.

How do you bore out an engine?

you read a dictionary to the car. your answer here...

How do you measure car engines?

Bore x stroke

What do you call a person who knows a lot about car engines?

mechanic car-bore-ator

What is 406 small block bore?

It is a type of engine for a car.

What is a four letter word meaning hollow out?

core, bore, hole,

What is the meaning of idiom bore away?

"Bore away" is the past tense form of "bear away." To bear away means to "carry away" (the verb "to bear" meaning "to have" or "to carry"). It refers to removing something or someone from a particular situation.

Why would a car only smoke when decelerating?

Bad oil ring or worn piston bore.

What is the scientific name for a car?

Automobile - auto meaning self and mobile meaning moving

What are the two parts of a celinder in the car engine?

Presuming that you mean "cylinder", the two parts are the bore and sleeve.

How do you spell bore?

That is the correct spelling of bore, meaning something very uninteresting, to create tedium, or to drill a hole.The similar words are boar (same sound, a type of wild pig) and boor (an annoying person).

What are two types of bore site tools?

Rifled bore and Smooth bore

What is the difference between reduced bore and full bore valve?

In Full bore ball valve, The bore dia will be same as internal dia of the pipe.In reduced bore, the bore dia is reduced than the ID of pipe.

What is the base word of bore?


How do you define small bore engine OR on what basis engines are clasiified as small bore and large bore?

what determines when should bore and engine

What does car crash symbolize?

A car crash has no symbolic meaning.

What is meaning of CAR?

The meaning of CAR is found in the abbreviations. It can mean anything from Committed Access Rate or Road. The sport team the Carolina Panthers moniker is CAR.

What is the meaning of an amphibious car?

The meaning of an amphibious car is an automotive car that is able to travel either on (or under in some cases) both land and water such as a hovercraft.

What is the antonym for bore?

the antonym for bore is unbore

What is a barrel bore?

The bore of a barrel is the inside of it.

What is a good sentence for bore?

You bore me to death

What is bore Grinding operation?

Grinding a bore.

What part of speech is bore?

The word bore is a verb. It can also be a noun. A bore is someone who is boring.

What car is this of 4 stud 3inch stud pattern 74mm centre bore 4 j wheel?