Jim Crow Laws

A discussion of state and locally legislated segregation laws that were enacted between 1876 and 1965 that proposed the factually unbalanced idea of "separate but equal" public facilities such as busing, schools, restaurants and entertainment venues, and other aspects of daily life for African-Americans.

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African-American History
Jim Crow Laws

What are facts about Jim crow laws?

1. They began in the vicinity of 1876.

2. Segregation of public facilities (i.e. bus stations, toilets and even building entrances)

3. " " public schools.

4. " " US military

5. " " public transport

6. The facilities had clear signs stating which group the facility was for.

7. The white facilties were invariably better than that of the blacks.

8. "Reckless Eyeballing" - blacks were often beaten or killed for this. It is supposedly having too much eye contact with a white person.

9. Jim Crow laws were beginning to be abolished in October 1960.

10. They were completely abolished in about 1965, with the rise of the "Civil Rights Act of 1964".

Jim Crow Laws

Did WEB DuBois challenge Jim Crow laws?

He thought that they should fight and step up to the laws. Unlike Booker T. Washington. HE thought that they were negative and he was mad. But didn't try to get there wright back

African-American History
Jim Crow Laws

Did any white people speak up or resist Jim Crow laws?

Yes but not many publicly
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Jim Crow Laws

What are the main pros and cons to immigration in North America?

The first answer below is a great one for pro, but a con is: change in culture. We once were Americans but eventually, America might become an almost complete population of Mexican. Now, i have nothing against immigration i just read that in my history book at school. I have no problem with mexicans. JUST AN EXAMPLE.

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  • People can be happier living an easier life here.
  • There are the 2 main points of immigration, the US government likes illegal immigrants for cheap labor, but they don't like the immigration itself.
  • Some of the main pros of immigration in the US is the amount of foreigners who come to our country with new technology and new ideas for the future, their technology could be beneficial to us. Some of the main cons of immigration in the US are the increase in population, illiterate and poor immigrants lowering the GDP (gross domestic product) of our country. immigration is also lowering the standard of living in the US.

I don't think that culture should be added to the CONS since the United States has millions of people from all over the world including: Asia, South America, Mexico etc. in other words there is no true culture since there's many people coming from different places who practice different religions and so on.

Well, to my opinion, immigration is good. The pros of immigration is a better society such as, technology, new ideas for the future. Foreigners everywhere should be able to come to America when they want. There are Mexicans, Asians, Hispanics etc living in America. Why can't there be more. It was said that America is the "land of the free, home of the brave" so every one in other countries should be able to come and live a "new" life. Also, immigration can be bad. Alot of people in America can overcrowd it and there would be to many people and not enough resources. Also, some people are terrorist and it can harm the society and the people in it. Those are the pros and cons of immigrations. I hope this answered your question.

Jim Crow Laws
Civil Rights Movement

Why were the black codes put into effect?

Because America did not want blacks to gain equality after the post civil war era when they were "freedmen"

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African-American History
Jim Crow Laws

How did Jim Crow laws affect African-Americans?

The main idea behind the Jim Crow laws was "separate but equal". It was a legal way to continue the discrimination against the African Americans in the southern states. You can say that the affect of these laws developed two different societies in the US. The African Americans were deprived from the same conditions and other governmental services the white people received. It turned out that the races were separated in many aspects : education, welfare, health,culture etc. They even deprived them of some civil rights they own being citizens like voting. Until 1964 these laws were governed and you can say helped maintain the gap between the races which is nowadays slowly closing down, I hope!

But DOCTOR JAMROCK says different. He says that these laws made it possible for the Ku Klux Klan to carry on with what they were doing and make life harder for black people. DOCTOR JAMROCK is a person who speaks out bredren. I and I is not standing for this ting.The Jim Crow Law was alsome called the "black code"

Jim Crow Laws

What did Jim crow laws mean to black people?

They required segregation in public places between African Americans and others in the United States.

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Jim Crow Laws

What is Alabama's law on emancipation?

Alabama has a

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Jim Crow Laws

How specifically was the Jim Crow system created?

The Jim Crow system had no definite date of creation. The only definite date that can be established is 1919 in Philadelphia. On that date black people in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, pulled out of The Methodist Church and created The African Methodist Episcopal Church. They also separated from the white areas in a number of other areas. In other areas free blacks started their own institutions. There was no de jure segregation. In some places, free blacks had to wear ribbons with the word free on it. Thus, at the start of the Civil War, while segregation did not exist except for slaves, Blacks had removed themselves from the larger society in many areas.

After the Civil War, former Confederate Solders could not vote. Newly freed slaves could vote. A low level civil war broke out between former confederate solders and newly freed black slaves. The Reconstruction also housed Northern Solders in southern houses. Those solders were thugs.

When the former solders regained the vote, and the Federal Government removed its thugs, the new white governments took their anger out on the former slaves and other blacks in the south. So it was at the end of Grant's Administration.

It was created by state legislatures creating black laws, increasing the separation between whites and blacks. Some local communities ran black people out of town at dusk. It was not the same all over. Places, such as Macon, Georgia, where blacks and whites had been interspersed before the Civil War, remained that way.

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Jim Crow Laws

What Vermont laws were passed in 1771?

It would have been difficult for "Vermont" to pass any laws in 1771 because it wasn't a state ("Republic") until 1777

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Jim Crow Laws
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What is the name given to the laws that created a policy of separate but equal that meant that blacks were segregated from whites?

Jim crow laws

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Jim Crow Laws

What is Dr. Martin Luther King's real name?

He was born Michael Luois King, Jr. His father changed the names in 1935 to Martin Luther in honor of the German Protestant reformer.

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Jim Crow Laws

What were the names of the nine students associated to the Little Rock Nine?

Ernest Green, Elizabeth Eckford, Jefferson Thomas, Terrence Roberts, Carlotta Walls, Minniejean Brown, Gloria Ray, Thelma Mothershed and Melba Pattillo

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Who signs bills into law?

Bills which have passed in the relevant legislature body - parliament, house, senate, etc. - are then signed into law by the executive of the government. This is the president, governor, monarch or whichever authority figure is appropriate.

Jim Crow Laws

Was The black codes placed restrictions on black people?

no, it put many restrictions on the many mexcians

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Jim Crow Laws

Why are crows often used in folk art?

Crows and ravens figure largely in pre-Christian faiths and practices, and folk art draws heavily on past beliefs and practices. An artist friend of mine is more pragmatic. Crows,she tells me, are just easier to draw and paint than multicolored birds.

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Jim Crow Laws
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What laws pertain to building custom motorcycles?

It depends on the state that you are building the bike in... I would check the Department of Motor Vehicles web-site for your state to get the answer. The new rule aims to enforce the Clean Air Act by reducing the number of exempt custom motorcycles that small shops can build and individual riders can own. The rule also drastically reduces tail pipe emissions for all motorcycles effectively making carburetors a thing of the past and electronic fuel injection and catalytic converters a mainstay.

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Jim Crow Laws

What does separate spheres mean?

It's a nineteenth century idea about the segregation of the two spheres of life: the public and the private. The husband (or men in general) was in charge of the public side of life while the wife (or women in general) was in charge of the private side of life. This meant that the man went to work, voted, participated in civics while the women cooked, raised the children, and took care of other domestic duties.

This dualism is idealized, as no one really lived completely in the private or public. Upper class women were far more public than private, and low class women were far more public than private too. But both in different ways.

Gender historians have picked up on this idea to explain male power over women.

Hope this helps.

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If you need more than what that guy ^ said then you might wanna search for "Cult of Domesticity"

I have to disagree with this answer. The ideology of separate spheres came about in the 18th century. It occured due to the formation of the 'middling sort' (the predecessor of the middle classes, which appeared in the 19th century). This new middling sort came about due to an increase in Englands wealth (they were the nouveau riche). Thus, the male and female roles of the middling sorts and elites became defined due to more leisure time and social expectations. Women became part of the private sphere and men part of the public sphere. However, this was not truly the case, the two separate spheres would often overlap to create a Venn diagram effect.

It is important to note that gender/separate spheres were linked to the middling sorts and elites. Historians have managed to miss a whole demographic (lower classes) because of this. However, this seems to be changing and the use of this term does not sit so favourably with modern historians. Arguably, this comes down to the interest in women's and gender history, which has re-interpreted the written history which has gone before.

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Jim Crow Laws

What are Jim Crow Laws?

Jim crow laws are laws that promoted segration between blacks and whites
When African Americans were considered to be citizens, a majority of the white community did not want to accept them as so. They're solution were laws called Jim Crow laws that could still allow them to reject the black society (with ideas such as segragated water fountains, busses, etc.) without technically breaking the law.

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Jim Crow Laws

Why did segregation occur?

Mostly because people didn't want to be equal with their former slaves. (e.g. Walk on the same sidewalk as their former slaves)

Jim Crow Laws

When did Jim Crow Laws exist?

From what I have heard they were enated between 1876 abd 1965!!!

Jim Crow Laws
Civil Rights Movement

What were poll taxes?

Poll taxes were taxes that had to be paid by registered voters. The courts decided it was illegal as the poorer people could not afford it and this prevented them from voting.

Blacks could generally not afford the tax.

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Jim Crow Laws

How did the Jim Crow laws get their name?

Jim Crow was an antebellum minstrel show character created by Thomas Dartmouth Rice in the early 1830s. "Daddy Rice" was a white actor who blackened his face with burnt cork and performed a song-and-dance act said to have been inspired by an elderly black man from the South. Rice's tattered costume and exaggerated movements and voice were an insulting parody that brought him international acclaim. The identity of the original Jim Crow, if he did exist, is unknown. Some say he was a slave in Ohio or South Carolina; others believe he may have been a slave owner. One faction holds that the name was derived from the simile "black as a crow." Regardless of its origin, the name "Jim Crow" soon became interchangeable with the word "Negro."
Source: http://www.ferris.edu/jimcrow/collect/

Jim Crow Laws

Which is an example of de facto segregation seen today?


Jim Crow Laws

Why did Jim crow laws hurt African Americans?

it showed the blacks that white people didn't care for them much( from whites only signs) and it hurt them mentally


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