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Hydration in concrete provides the means with which to mix Portland cement and the aggregates.

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What is hydration of concrete?

i do not know, you consider median.

What is concrete made up of?

Concrete is made up of water, sand, cement and ballast. The process through which concrete is made is known as hydration which allows it to harden.

Why curing is important in concrete?

Curing of concrete is an important activity, its increase the rate of hydration. If no water then hydration process wont takes place, then cracks and other defects let concrete must cured at least 3 to 7 days to get required strength..

How to prevent flash set OF CONCRETE?

You can add citric acid and sugar to stop hydration. But then the concrete is unusable and you need to throw it away.

What is the meaning of C10 concrete?

what is meaning of concrete 10

What is the allowable maximum heat of hydration of concrete?

heat of hydration should not be more than66 cal/g and 75cal/g for 7&28 days respectively

What is meaning of hydration?

Hydration means that u are hydrated, in other words, it's like drinking water or liquid

What is the purpose of adding a curing compound to the concrete?

The reason for adding curing compound to concrete is that After placing concrete it hardens Hydration process takes place. In this process water gets evaporated from the concrete. to save that water and to improve the strength of concrete curing compounds are added to the concrete... Regards Dhiraj

What are the Advantages of curing the concrete?

Advantages of curing:Gains strengthYields microcracksReleases high heat of hydration.

What are the components of concrete?

cement fine aggregates and course aggregates and water for the hydration of cement are the main component of plain cement concrete. and for RCC M-S bars are used with these component.

Why you add the water in the curing time is this water can used in the hydration or only for keep the water inside the concrete to not go outside?


What is the effect of compaction and curing on the durability of concrete?

proper compaction and proper curing of the concrete gives good concrete. for compaction, it lessen the air voids or micro space between the aggregates of the concrete, those voids are very little which is not really visible. for curing, it lessen the heat of hydration of the cement.

What is a hydration?

heat of hydration

What is concrete becomes hard after it is poured chemical or physical change?

It's a physical change.It's a chemical change. The concrete hardens through a chemical reaction called hydration :)Its a physical change. The Chemical change already happened when the water was added. The concrete powder became hydrated turning it into usable concrete.

How would you describe the process of concrete setting?

Concrete setting is initiated by a process called hydration. Rather than the concrete just 'drying out', the hydration process involves the water added to the materials (stone, sand & cement) reacting with the cement. The water reacts with calcium in the cement to form an alkali paste which bonds the materials together. Adding too little water means not enough cement hydrates to set properly, but too much will cause separation of the materials.

Does the amount of water in a gravel based concrete depends on how fast it will harden?

yes, because after casting, concrete will get its 90% strength within 28 days and proper hydration require the proper amount of water for atleast 28 days.

What is the Meaning of rcc in construction?

Reinforced Cement Concrete No, RCC is an abbreviation for Roller Compacted Concrete.

Why hydration is always called solvation but solvation is not always called hydration?

It depends on what the solvent is. If it is water, then it is called hydration. If the solvent is not water, then it cannot be called hydration.

What is the literal meaning of concrete?

Originally from concretus (grown together; hardened) concrete means real or solid.

Measuremant what is MPa?

20 mpa concrete meaning

What is meaning of bleeding of concrete?

The meaning of bleeding in concrete is where water is released from the mixture and it moves upward. This can cause the finished product to be more dense but can cause consistency issues.

Can molten nuclear fuel melt through concrete?

In a sense, it can. The concrete does not melt. The cement in it gives up its waters of hydration and turns to dust. At this point molten metals can pass through the dust and stone of the concrete. This results from a meltdown. A number of meltdowns have happened, but molten core going through the concrete has not so far. There is a link attached to the Wikipedia article on nuclear meltdown.

At what temperature for a concrete curing is absolutely necessary?

It should be above 40F. Concrete goes through a chemical reaction called hydration, below 40F this process almost stops. Putting concrete blankets over the concrete can allow pours in much lower temperatures. The 40F represents the concrete temperature, while curing it produces heat so the air temperature can be cooler than 40F. Concrete can be poured below freezing but it needs to be protected with concrete blankets to hold in its heat. If the water in the concrete freezes before it is cured than it will definitely fail.

What does hydration means?

Hydration means getting water in your body.

When cement is allowed to set why does it give off heat?

The hydration of cement is an exothermic reaction. Three exothermic reactions are important: - hydration of gypsum and tricalciumaluminate - hydration of dicalciumsilicate - hydration of tricalciumsilicate

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