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It isn't possible. They are after all bishops. They have said a service before and they must have read something!!

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In ancient Egypt, scribes could read and write.

Yes, priests and monks in the medieval period could read and write, although they were rather in the minority! The wrote and "illuminated" (illustrated) beautiful books called manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells.

The difference is that medieval europe couldnt read and byzantine could read. Also medieval europe wasnt wealthy but byzantine was.

The Medieval Manuscripts were handwritten by the priests and monks, since they were basically the only ones who could read, write, and let alone understand. Manuscripts were decorated with pictures and patterns.

No. 90% of the population couldn't read or write.

Reading is in everything! If you could not read, then you could not write. If you could not read or write, then you could not use most means of communication.

The scries could read and write, but rich people could learn to read a write aswell.

It is unlikelyAnswer:Absolutely. Jesus read Scripture to the attendants at the synagogue. It follows that if He could read He could write.

Only William Shakespeare could read and write in his family.

Most probably did not. Reading and writing was generally reserved for the clergy, but some nobles did learn to read and write a bit.

Paper. Paper that was a form of parchment. Paper was invented in ancient China and by the 1300's it was in use everywhere. Few could actually write. Only the church or nobility knew how to read and write.

Basically, there was no education. Monks and priests as well as a few nobility could read and write, but the population as a whole couldn't.

A person who could read and write were called scribes in Ancient Mesopotima

No, St. Maria was not taught how to read or write.

During the medieval times, few people had an education or could read and write. With that said, it was common among the upper classes of all of Europe use Latin as the language that most of the educated classes were taught.

No, Joan was uneducated and could neither read nor write.

only the richer people could read because they could afford a tutor to teach them . It was often the case that even richer people couldn't read, only clergy.

he could not read of write

He could not read or write

Total 81.59% people can read and write. Most of them are female.

This is not very likely. There are people who can read, but who cannot write effectively. However, how could you write if you did not know what the words and letters were?

No, sojourner could not read nor write But she did however have someone write her book "The Narrative of Sojourner Truth" She was also read the bible and she memorized certain verses so she could preach out

Yes, she could read and write in Braille.

Her teacher taught her how to read and write by spelling letters and words into her hands.

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