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There are many things that it could be, but you should try checking your fuel pressure regulator. Did you replace the fuel filter first?

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Your 1989 Mercury Topaz won't shift into higher gears It starts really slow and if you step on the gas it wont switch gears to make it go faster It sometimes stalls after driving for awhile What could?

where is the fuel reset swith for a 1989 mercury topaz

Where do you drain power steering fluid on a 1991 Mercury Topaz?

you could use a turkey baster

Why car stall with ac on a 92 mercury topaz?

Idle could possibly be too low.

Is there a separate fuse for the power windows on a 91 Mercury Topaz?

There is a circuit breaker thaich could be bad.

92 Mercury Topaz smoking a lot behind valve cover why could this be?

Most Likely A Leak, Caused By The Gasket Needing Replaced On Valve Cover. When You Install Gaskets Put In A New PCV Valve This Should Take Care Of It.

Mercury topaz 93 loses power sometimes while driving could it be battery cable ends?

Clean them and see.

What could be causing a rattle on a 1985 Mercury Topaz when idle?

Something loose? Exhaust pipe rattling/hitting on something? You'll have search it out.

What engines will fit in a 1986 mercury topaz?

Only the 2.3L HSC Inline 4 will fit in the 1986 Mercury Topaz. If everything in the engine bay were gutted, perhaps something larger such as a 3.0L V6 from a 1992-1994 model MIGHT fit but it would require a complete running 92-94 Ford Tempo or Mercury Topaz with the V6 engine as a donor car (and, if you could find such a car, it would be more worth your time/money to invest in it v.s. a 1986 model). The automatic transmission from a Taurus WILL NOT WORK in a Tempo/Topaz.

Ford E-250 van backfires and stalls?

You have bad spark plugs and they need to be changed or there could be a bad vacuum line that needs to be replaced.

Is it good to wear emerald and blue topaz?

no it is not good to wear emerald with a blue topazbut you could wear emerald with a green topaz

How much should it cost to repair a brake line on a Mercury Topaz?

depends on the year if it's older it will cost more because something might need to be replaced and the older it is the harder to find the part but in general I'm guessing it could run you from about $300-$1000 like I said depending on the model

1989 Mercury Topaz overhearting?

First, check the rad. Was it ever replaced? If it is good, check the thermostat, Does it overheat at idle? or on the road? At idle, most likely the Rad. On the road, could still be the rad. or possible the thermostat. Also, was the water pump ever replaced. That will also cause overheating. As time goes on, the impeller wears, and will not push the water fast enough. Good luck.

1992 mercury topaz - 3.0l - Coil wire corroded replaced and now wont start cant hear fuel pump could it be as easy as fuel pump cut off switch?

Not if the proximate cause is replacement of the coil wire. Are you sure you have the wire securely snapped on at each end?

Why will a 1991 mercury topaz run than dies but will restart?

could be several things ,bad fuel pump,bad fuel pressure regulator ,fuel filter needs replaced. or air idle valve needs cleaned or replaced. I would start with new fuel f9ilter and then have the air idle valve checked or take it off and clean it yourself. Not hard to do if you are mech inclined and have a few metric tools.

What could be wrong with a 2000 Pathfinder that has had the plugs wires rotor and distributor replaced at a dealer and the vehicle still stalls becomes hard to restart This doesn't happen all the time?

you could check the fuel pressure and fuel filter.

Why Car engine stalls when turning?

If a car engine stalls when turning, there could be a problem with the power steering pump. There could also be an issue with an emissions control device.

What could be wrong with a 1993 Mercury Topaz 4-cyl that just clicks when you try to start it with no loss of battery power?

Have someone that you know that knows about cars check the starter cellanoid.

Why is your 1990 mercury topaz making a loud clicking noise when you try to start it And not starting?

Check for a weak or dead battery Check for loose or corroded battery cables Could be a seized engine Could be a bad starter or bad starter solenoid

I just replaced my mass air flow sensor and now when I plug it back in it stalls out the car It should be the opposite?

plug the sensor in then disconnect the battery for an hour. then try. Thank You that worked but now it is idleing at 3 rpm and when I press on the gas and hold it down it almost stalls out and backfires randomly. Could it be the timing now?

What jobs are there on a farm?

You could muck out the stalls for horses. You could get the eggs from the hens and feed them and the chickens.

How can you park twenty cars in twenty stalls without doubling any of the stalls?

you could put 1 car in each stall.... That would be logical

What could be the problem with a car if it stalls when the gas is not pushed?

Headgasket is possible.

Could corundum scratch topaz?

Yes. Corundum will scratch topaz and every other mineral with a hardness of 9 or lower on the Mohs hardness scale.

Temperature gauge on a 1990 mercury topaz isn't working what could it be after i changed the thermostat?

You most definately unpluged the sensor wire. It's a single red wired that plugs onto a sensor just passed the thermostat.

1997 Plymouth Neon that coughs and stalls when warm and sometimes won't restart until cooled recently replaced the timing belt and the cam position sensor what could be causing this?

Look at the TCC solenoid in the trans is going to be bad.