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The middle initial of Manuel Luis Quezon is M. The M standsfor Molina. So his name is Maneul Luis M. Quezonor Manuel Luis Molina Quezon.

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The middle name of Manuel Quezon is Luis. Manuel L. Quezon was the first president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines.

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Manuel Luis Quezón y Molina

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Q: Middle initial of manuel l quezon?
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What is L in Manuel L Quezon?

Manuel Luis Quezon. L = Luis.

When was Manuel L. Quezon University created?

Manuel L. Quezon University was created in 1947.

What are the mistakes of Manuel L Quezon?

dont know hahahahaahaha lol manuel l quezon is dangerous

What is the accomplishment Manuel L Quezon?

the accomplishment of president Manuel L. Quezon is that, he was out father of the philippine language which is tagalog

What is the whole name for Manuel L Quezon?

Manuel Luis Quezón y Molinathat is Manuel L. Quezon's real and complete name:)