Military When a officer get a Discharge it said other than honorable general condition is he entitle to severance pay from the military?

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If you get a general discharge from the military how hard is it to get your life back on track?

How much does it matter "how hard it is"? either you are going to get "on track" or you are going to accept defeat and settle for second, third or fourth best. Good Luck whatever you decide. As long as you sit your mind on bettering yourself and achieveing great goals then that is exactly what you ( Full Answer )

How hard is it to upgrade a general discharge under honorable conditions to an honorable discharge from the military?

Most discharges can be upgraded depending on the veterans conducts.99% of the time when a veteran gets a General Under Honorable its considered good enough for the the revue board.That veteran is Entitle to all benifits!The Marines being discharged with less then Honorable will run into a stone wall ( Full Answer )

Is there a military discharge as general -other than honorable conditions?

There are actually seven different types of discharge characterization: Uncharacterized - For entry level separations where the member has served less than 180 days when notifed of administrative separation. This can be recieved for a variety of different reasons. With respect to non-service rela ( Full Answer )

You have been diagnosed with ptsd and you have a good military record can your commander discharge you with anything less than an honorable discharge?

Answer . if you have a number of write ups, article 15's etc than yes. Your best bet is to get into medical treatment on base, make your chain of command aware of your diagnosis, and consult with JAG about your legal recourse and options. a medical chapter is certainly better than a bad conduc ( Full Answer )

Is a Other than honorable discharge an honorable discharge?

Not it is not, with an other than honorable discharge you have been you can be dicharged (kicked out) for many reasons. These reasons being you conduct, not meeting weight standrads, testing positive fore a drug test, and many more. With an other than honorable discharge you also lose a good amount ( Full Answer )

How can you get discharged from the military?

I assume you are talking about an early discharge? The ONLY person who can help you is the priest. You do not need to have any type of religion to talk to him, DON'T LIE. Be very convincing when you talk to him, Beg him to help you, Tell him how you have made the worst mistake of your life by joinin ( Full Answer )

Can you become a police officer with a general discharge from the military?

It depends entirely on the circumstances of the discharge, the number of applicants applying, the ratio of the number of applicants as compared to the number of available positions, and internal regulations of the department. Also bear in mind that different departments have different standards and ( Full Answer )

Can same-sex marriage result in an honorable discharge from the military?

No. Whereas during the US military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy, it would be viewed as a violation and cause for discharge, that policy was repealed effective September 20, 2011. Since the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT), homosexual conduct is not a reason to be separated. If someone was d ( Full Answer )

How bad is a general discharge under honorable conditions?

it is not bad it simply mean you were unable to perform for some personal reason you do not have to disclose most times after six months it turns into an honorable if you dont get in trouble with the law you can go through the army review board and ask for and upgrade in discharge status and they wi ( Full Answer )

How Long Does it take for a general under honorable condition to upgrade to a honorable discharge?

It doesn't. The only way for a General (under honorable conditions) discharge to be upgraded is to go before the Board of appeals. Even then, your chances of getting an upgrade are slim (less than 1%) Even in the best of situations, if you did successfully appeal and get an upgrade, it would s ( Full Answer )

Can you reenlist in the military after a honorable discharge?

Yes, you can reenlist if it was a Honorable Discharge. Now it is difficult depending on the reason why. I was discharged for a knee injury, so I need to get a doctor's note saying I'm medically cleared to run. Once that is taken cared of You will have to be in shape and meet military standards as yo ( Full Answer )

What is a Discharge under other than honorable conditions?

An Under Other Than Honorable Conditions (OTH) characterization of service is the least favorable non-punitive characterization of service. It it recieved due to administrative separation from the military due to misconduct. An OTH is warranted when a member engages in conduct involving one or more ( Full Answer )

If you get a general discharged from a military branch can you get into the army?

The Army is a very peculiar organization. It's actually not particularly difficult to enlist into the Army with a General Discharge, or even an other-than-honourable (however, a straightforward DD is usually a disqualifier) if the discharge occurred from any other branch of service. Reentry for pers ( Full Answer )

When to honor your military?

the time to honor the military is on fout=rth of July , memorial day and much more...

Why do you honor the military?

I honor the military because they are the men and women who stood up to answer the call to protect and serve their country when others were to scared or proud to do something. They are the ones doing the job that most would only like to talk about over a cup of coffee or tea with a group of friend ( Full Answer )

What if you had an honorable discharge prior to receiving an under other than honorable discharge?

Your DD-214 will reflect "continuous honorable service fromyyyymmdd to yyyymmdd" reflecting the dates of your priorenlisment(s). This will show you honorably completed any priorenlistment. You may be eligible for certain VA benefits based onyour prior enlistment, but will be eligible for few, if any ( Full Answer )

How can you honor the military?

There are countless ways for civilians to honor the military. Flying the national flag daily honors them. Remembering them all on military-related holidays like Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day, Pearl Harbor Day, etc honors them. Participating in ceremonies those days, and others also ho ( Full Answer )

What is a general discharge with honorable conditions mean?

A general discharges is given to a service member whose performance is satisfactory, but is marked by a considerable departure in duty performance and conduct expected of military members. There is no specific discharge called "general discharge with honorable conditions." There are six types of di ( Full Answer )

Do you need to take the Concealed Weapons class if you have a honorable military discharge?

Yes. Pretty much every state requires the same process. Pistol safety course, paperwork, waiting, more waiting and more waiting. Back when I got mine it wasn't so bad but now everybody and his/her grandmother (nothing against grandmothers - I love grandmothers) is trying to get a license. My friend ( Full Answer )

If you have other than honorable dishcharge can you rejoin military?

If you have an RE-4 reentry code on your DD-214, your most likely answer is going to be no (the one exception being an RE-4C for failure to meet citizenship requirements for continued service, as the military has since done away with the eight year service limitation for foreign citizens). However, ( Full Answer )

How do I change a general discharge or another than honorable discharge into an honorable discharge?

You may apply to have your discharge characterization upgraded with the Discharge Review Board (DRB) for your respective service by filling out a DD-293, and submitting a package for consideration. You will have to submit documentation proving there was an impropriety or inequity in your administrat ( Full Answer )

Can you join the army with a general under honorable conditions discharge?

Yes, typically after a three year waiting period. Look at your DD214 for the R-Code. The above answer is not entirely correct. Yes, you may be able to join. However, it will depend on the needs of the service, and has nothing to do with a waiting period. Also, the reason you were discharged, and yo ( Full Answer )

Do you get military severance pay for bipolar 2?

Unless you served an entire career and retired honorably there is no such thing as "severance" pay from the military. If you are referring to Veterans benefits for a service-connected disability, you can make application for it, but the burden of proof will be upon you to prove that that your Bipola ( Full Answer )

Do you get gi bill with a general discharge under honorable conditions?

No. You are not eligible for the GI bill or post 9/11 GI bill with anything other than honorable. You can however exercise this benefit if you have served a previous term of enlistment, before your general discharge, as the day you re-enlisted you were discharged honorably and re-enlisted same day. ( Full Answer )

What is under other than honorable conditions?

An Under Other Than Honorable (OTH) characterization of service is warranted when a member engages in conduct involving one or more acts or omissions that constitute a significant departure from the conduct expected of members of the military. An OTH characterization tends to be very prejudicial in ( Full Answer )

Can a regular non-retired honorable discharge from the military exempt you from California's HSC?

The following qualify for HSC exempt status: . Peace officer (active California) . Peace officer (active federal) . Peace officer (honorably retired California or federal) . Reserve peace officer (as defined in Penal Code Section 832.6) . Persons who have successfully completed P.O.S.T. 832 PC ( Full Answer )

Can you be honorably discharged from the military to go to school?

College drops are possible, but this would be towards yourenlistment. You won't be able to do it in, say, the beginning ormiddle of it. The maximum time before your ETS date which you canbe separated is 90 days, if you're doing your initial enlistment,it must be a three year enlistment, and you're i ( Full Answer )

What is 'other than honorable' discharge?

An Under Other Than Honorable Conditions (OTH) characterization of service is the least favorable non-punitive characterization of service, and is normally recieved as a result of administrative separation due to some sort of misconduct. An OTH is warranted when a member engages in conduct involv ( Full Answer )

Is being retired from the military the same as being honorably discharged from the military?

Retirement nets you an honourable discharge, but not all honourably discharged personnel are retirees. If you enlist for three, four, etc. years, perform your duties like you're supposed to, and decide not to reenlist, you're discharged when your contract expires. You receive an honourable discharge ( Full Answer )

What does the military qualification MKM03Rifle41 on a World War 2 honorable discharge refer to?

The soldier qualified as a Marksman with the Model 1903 Springfield Rifle, under the standards prescribed in 1941. The Springfield was the standard US rifle from 1903 until the M1 Garand was adopted just before WWII. The Springfield was a five shot, internal box magazine, bolt action rifle, a fine w ( Full Answer )