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you can find maybe four of them in Columbus Texas you will need to ask around for mr.potter which will be very easy and he has some that he will probably give you for a resonable price he does not own a phone but if you make the trip it will be worth it


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Marlin manufactured the Revelation model 200. Thanks and what was the model number they used ?

Revelation model 200-2550 lever action rifle was made by the marlin firearms company.It is a Model 336 Marlin rifle.

Your Marlin 336 was made for Western Auto Hardware stores in 1967, AC42831 is the serial number, not a model number. Very nice rifle, BTW.

I have Marlin Model 336RC lever action I inherieted recently... Serial number I found was under the lever.

I think Savage did. sorry it was not a savage. the revelation model 110 was a marlin model 81.

You will need to provide the serial number to your Marlin model 39 lever action .22cal rifle to get a date of production.

Your Marlin model 38 pump action 22cal rifle was made between 1920-1930.

The Marlin model 24 pump action shotgun was produced by Marlin firearms company from 1908-1915.

I can say that your Marlin model 336CS was made in the year 1984.I would look to Marlin,s own website to get any more info on your model of Marlin lever action rifle.

I presume you are asking about a Marlin model 120 pump action shotgun. In good condition a standard 120 is worth about $200-$250. If you are asking about The Revelation model 120 that was manufactured for Western Auto Supply by Marlin, then you are looking at a generic model 60. Worth about $75-$125 dependent on condition.

The marlin model 80dl was made by marlin from 1940-1965.

A Marlin lever action rifle that was made in 1937 will be a Marlin model 36,1st Variation.These were produced from 1937-1940.

This may- I mean MAY be your rifle. It's a model Marlin Model 49 slide action Shotgun. Exposed hammer takedown combined features of the model 42 and 24. It was never in the Marlin Catalogue. It was made between 1925 - 1928.

Should be on the barrel near the receiver.

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Marlin model 336 was made in the year 1982.

The Revelation Model 150 is a Marlin model 49: See; MARLIN 49 RIFLE Barrel, .22 Cal., 22", Used, Stamped Revelation 150

According to a Marlin owners forum (the Revelation 200 was made by Marlin), that was made in 1966, if the serial number is on the lower tang. If it's on the upper tang, it was probably made in 1969 due to a federal law that dictated where the serial number would be placed. It's also supposed to be extremely interchangeable with the Marlin 336. The Revelation was a price competitor rifle and the stock was probably made with Birch instead of Walnut. From what I've read, it's a good rifle.

Your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 30AS was made in the year 1984.

Which Model. It could be a Mossberg, Savage, Marlin, Hi-Std or Colt. You have to state the model of the Revelation.

The marlin model 980 bolt action .22WRM,was made by marlin between 1962-1970.There price range is between 75-135 dollars.

Your serial number indicates that your Glenfield model 20 bolt action was made in the year 1980.

The Revelation guns were built by numerous makers, including Marlin. Marlin built the model 80C which was the Rev. #105-260, and the model 81 which was the Rev. #110-2140. Neither were made in .22 magnum.

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