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you can find maybe four of them in Columbus Texas you will need to ask around for mr.potter which will be very easy and he has some that he will probably give you for a resonable price he does not own a phone but if you make the trip it will be worth it

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 11:43:59
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Q: Model 105m Revelation 22 clip fed bolt action made by Marlin Any idea where to get a clip the years Marlin made these or what a Marlin model number is?
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Who made the revelation model 200 lever action 30 30 distributed by the western auto supply company?

Marlin manufactured the Revelation model 200. Thanks and what was the model number they used ?

Who made the Revelation model 200 m 30-30 for western auto supply co?

Revelation model 200-2550 lever action rifle was made by the marlin firearms company.It is a Model 336 Marlin rifle.

Where is serial number on marlin 336RC?

I have Marlin Model 336RC lever action I inherieted recently... Serial number I found was under the lever.

When was a marlin model 39-a serial?

You will need to provide the serial number to your Marlin model 39 lever action .22cal rifle to get a date of production.

How old is your marlin 30-30 lever action model 336 serial number 00067679?

Your Marlin model 336 was made in the year 2000.

How old is a marlin model 38- number A2629?

Your Marlin model 38 pump action 22cal rifle was made between 1920-1930.

Who made revelation model 110 22 rifle?

I think Savage did. sorry it was not a savage. the revelation model 110 was a marlin model 81.

How old is your marlin model 24 pump shot gun serial number A2360?

The Marlin model 24 pump action shotgun was produced by Marlin firearms company from 1908-1915.

What is the model number of a Marlin made in 1937 in 30-30 with a 24 inch barrel?

A Marlin lever action rifle that was made in 1937 will be a Marlin model 36,1st Variation.These were produced from 1937-1940.

How do you find a model number on a marlin lever action rifle?

Should be on the barrel near the receiver.

What year is the marlin model 80 dl bolt action 22 from?

The marlin model 80dl was made by marlin from 1940-1965.

Is there any info on marlin firearm model 336cs serial number 160171165?

I can say that your Marlin model 336CS was made in the year 1984.I would look to Marlin,s own website to get any more info on your model of Marlin lever action rifle.

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