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I know that there is a 949C series n I am holding it across my lap and I am looking for a butt stock for it mine is broken from years of it riding behind the seat of a pick up. This gun and I have shot more grouse that most men have lied about! Norm Westpoint was a trade name for Cotter & Co Hardware on guns mostly made by Savage. The Cotter & Co Model 949C is the Savage model 940.

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Q: Model 949c series m Westpoint 20 ga shotgun?
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What is the value of a 20 gauge West Point Model 949c series m single shot made by Savage Arms Westield Mass serial c504518 and where can you get a firing pin for it?

All I know is they produced these around 1977..

What is the value of a Stevens westpoint 20 ga model 168 series B shotgun?

The value of the Stevens WestPoint 20 GA Model 168 series B shotgun ranges between 120 and 200 United States dollars.

What is a Stevens Arms Westpoint Model 948E shotgun worth?

The value of a Westpoint shotgun will depend on the weapon's condition. If in excellent condition the shotgun is worth $500.

Where can you find an owners manual for a Savage Westpoint model 949 series A?

on line because my friend has a savage series a

What is the value of a Stevens 410 shotgun?

AnswerNeed more information, such as model number and condition. Stevens made several types of .410 shotgun. sales@countrygunsmith.netMY SHOTGUN IS A PUMP WESTPOINT MODEL 167 STEVENS ARMS WESTFIELD MASS VERY GOOD CONDITION

When did Stevens Arms make Westpoint Model 168 pump shotgun?

A long time ago. So long ago that no one knows.

What is the value of westpoint model 949 series A 20 gauge single shot in fair condition?

100 or so

Is the Westpoint model number 948 from Stevens Arms any good?

been hunting with mine for 35 years, best shutgun I have ever used hands down I got a Westpoint model 948 for my 14th birthday...that was 47 years ago. I agree great little shotgun!

Westpoint 12 gapump action shotgun model 167 td series k how old is this gun and what is the retail value on this gun?

My model 167 TD series K was a gift in the late 1970's (new) and it has a serial number on the receiver. I'm told that the presence of the serial number indicates that it was likely mfg after 1968.

Will the Westpoint Model 167 TD Series E shoot a slug?

It will, exceptfor any slugs marked "rifled barrels only".

Any information on revelation model 350-series k 20ga singleshot shotgun?

Remington model 350 series k 20 ga shotgun. A very nice gun

What is the value of a Westpoint model 167 pump 410?


What is the value of a model 911 westpoint savage arms double barrel shotgun 12 gauge?

Your model 911, depending on condition, is worth about $270 in good condition (as of Jan 15th, 2011. Excellent condition is $300+

What all other model will fit a Stevens model 124c shotgun stock?

Any of the 124 series.

Model-33 westpoint 30-30 cal?

Made by Marlin

What year was the westpoint model 33 made?

1966-1970: along with its brother model (marlin 336) 7,289 were manufactured.

Savage Model 67 Series E Shotgun?

The value of a Savage Series E shotgun series E depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is worth between 140.00 and 175.00 as of 2014.

Savage westpoint model 25 22cal rifle oct barrel?

The westpoint by savage model 25 is a stevens favorite/crackshot model 71 or 72. It is configured like the 72 with a chrome hammer and lever. Westpoint was brand for Cotter & co. which owned True Value hardware. They were sold from the 1970 until the 1990's

What is the value of the shotgun Stevens model 87 series E?

50-175 USD

When was the Stevens Model 94 Series P 20 ga shotgun manufactured?


How old is your Stevens westpoint model 948?

52 years old.

What is the choke setting on a Westpoint Model 949?

You will need a gunsmith to find out

Who makes sales westpoint model-33 3030?


I need a manual for a Westpoint coffee maker Model WPCM-698 what is the correct website address?

I need a jug for my westpoint coffee maker

Who makes West Point 30-06 rifles 410 model. No other markings. Bolt action center fire.?

The Westpoint 410 Series K .30-06 Bolt Action Rifle. Westpoint was a trade name for Savage for Cotter & Company also know as Cotter Hardware. The Westpoint 410 is comparable to the Savage 110