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Go to and click images and type Vietnam,you will get the pictures of vietnam.

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What are human characteristics of Vietnam?

it is the buildings or man made objects

Impact of student unrest on the Vietnam war?

Burnig ROTC buildings.

Advantages of modern buildings and old buildings?

Modern buildings are usually able to withstand greater strain from natural disasters and are more energy efficient. Older buildings have a certain aesthetic quality that many people find pleasing.

What is the modern name of Vietnam?

eat it

What is the difference between ancient Egyptian buildings and modern buildings?

because ther blue

What is in Vietnam?

Lots of food, city life, cars, bikes, buildings and motor scooters in the city life. Farms, livestock and old buildings.

Where is Champa located?

It is a part of modern Vietnam.

What were the different buildings at different stages throughout ancient greek history?

Buildings became more modern.

Should old buildings with no hestoric value be demolished to make rooms for modern buildings?

yes they should

What are some buildings built with modern architecture?

There are several buildings that employ modern architectural techniques. These buildings include the Trump International Hotel and Tower, the Crystal Cathedral in California, Chicago's Aqua Tower, and the Sydney Opera House.

Who was fighting in the modern wars?

Define "Modern Wars." Post WWII, or Post Vietnam?

What are the disadvantages of modern buildings?

you can dance in large rooms alone

What is the one universal feature of post modern buildings?


What is a modern family in Vietnam?

the average for a family in Vietnam right now is 2 but in the 1960-1970 it was 8 -10

What kinds of buildings does Mexico have?

All sorts of buildings can be found in Mexico: from ancient ruins, to colonial buildings to modern skyscrapers. See related links for some examples.

What are the buildings like in Romania?

They vary from modern buildings seen all over the world to Brâncovenesc style buildings which are tall stone structures with domed tops and intricate arches.

When was napalm first used in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, napalm was first used against buildings. Later on, this was used as an anti-personnel weapon that sticks to skin and caused severe burns.

What is the difference between olden day buildings and modern day buildings?

most of the times mordern day buildings are more confortable,but expensive.Due to the rate of poor people who live now.

Are bows still used in modern warfare?

They were used in Vietnam by the Vietcong.

What is a modern country that was ruled by the Khmer's from 850 to 1250?

Cambodia and Vietnam.

What has the author Stuart A Newton written?

Stuart A. Newton has written: 'The LacBird Poems: modern verses from the Vietnam conflict' 'Tales out of School' 'Londinium Poeta' 'The LacBird Poems: modern verses from the Vietnam conflict'

When was Vietnam first founded?

The modern Socialist Republic of Vietnam became independent in 1954. However, the first Vietnamese states started in North Vietnam in 938 C.E. with the independent Ngo Dynasty.

Can spiral stairs be used for emergency exits in modern buildings?

Our local Fire Marshal allowed them - -and there are several in buildings in this area. Waterford, VT

What has the author Michael Rosenauer written?

Michael Rosenauer has written: 'Michael Rosenauer' 'Modern office buildings' -- subject(s): Office buildings

What has the author Ju rgen Joedicke written?

Ju rgen Joedicke has written: 'A HISTORY OF MODERN ARCHITECTURE' 'A history of modern architecture' -- subject(s): Modern Architecture 'Office buildings' -- subject(s): Architecture, Building, Designs and plans, Office buildings 'A history of modern architecture' 'Architecture since 1945; sources and directions' -- subject(s): Architecture, Modern, Modern Architecture

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