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No, taking historical context into consideration, of the countries which have coastal areas, those are usually of more easy access for trade, etc so the oldest and more important cities are located near the coast. Mountains tend to be originally more isolated.

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How is the North Georgia Mountain environment compared to the Georgia Coastal Plains?

i live in the Georgia coastal plains but i have visited the mountains and there are some differences. mountains: dry cold red clay mountains and hilly coast: hot humid flat river ocean ( and more fun )

What are the primary landforms of Central America?

Caribbean lowlands mountains Pacific coastal plains There are probably more but I think these are the top 3. Does this help?

Why are eastern coastal plains more fertile than western coastal plains?

because eastern coastal plains has many rivers such as mahanadi, kaveri etc flowing through them which makes it fertile.

How does a coastal plain differ from an interior plain?

The Coastal plain is different from an interior plain because a coastal plain lies along the sea coast. Coastal plains also have low relief. The interior plain lies away from the coast and the elevation can vary. Coastal plains are normally damper than interior plains. Interior plains have more chances for drought conditions as well. One result of the differences is population. More likely than not, coastal plains are population centers.

What are the five physical regions of the US?

Nothing There is actually more than five physical regions of the US * Pacific Coast * Inter-mountain Region * Rocky Mountains * Interior Plains * Ozark Highlands * Appalachian Mountains * Canadian Shield * Coastal Plains * Hawaiian Islands

Why are the mountains cooler than plains?

because montains are more high than plains

Why does more people live in coastal plains then other regions?

The coastal plains has the best weather/climate for growing crops than any other region probably because it receives the most rainfall. Also it is right on the coast, so the soil is very fertile.

Which are more common in the Arabian gulf region plains or mountains?

Actually plains are more commonly found in Arabian gulf regions

Is Russia flat or rocky?

? its got mountains and plains what more do you want?

What kind of Houses are in coastal plains?

brick house because if there was a tsunami it would be more stable.....

What are the landforms in China?

Plateau, Grassy plains, Basin, Mountains and many more

What are the differences between the inner coastal plains and the outer coastal plain?

In South Carolina, the Inner Coastal Plain and the Outer Coastal Plain don't have much of a difference. The Inner Coastal Plain is just slightly more hilly. Hope this helped!

What are Texas coastal plains physical features?

The Texas coastal plains has pretty beaches, lots of greenery, forests, the hot sun and much more. Plus, don't forget Caddo Lake, the only natural lake in Texas.

How do the mountains or plains affect jobs in Florida?

There are no mountains in Florida. The highest elevation in the state is a bit more than 300 feet.

What are some geographical features in Russia?

Ural Mountains, Caucasus Mountains In the European portion it is low plains and grassy. (may be more)

What eastern plains Indians food was?

why where eastern plains people able to farm more successfully than western plains people

What are israels landforms?

That's IsrAel. Plains (Coastal), valleys (Jezreal), deserts (Negev), badlands (Judean Wilderness), rolling hills (Shefela), low mountains (Galilee), alpine (Mt Heirmohn), giant craters (Mitzpe Ramon). And more.

Do the Great Plains become drier towards the East or the West?

The great plains of the US get more rain as you move eastward, becoming forests. Westward the plains phase into deserts, high sage plains or mountains.

Which kind of land form covers more of the US?

plains and mountains that's all in now

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