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the most poisonous snake in the world is the inland taipai.

just a single bite from this snake contains enough venom to kill 100 human adults or an army of 250,000 mice!

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no peole use it on roses as it is a good fertiliser

What is the area of Saint-Pois?

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How do you say peas in French?

"peas" is "petit pois" in French ("petits pois" for pl.) "split peas" is "pois cassés".

How do you write peas in french?

des pois, des petits pois

What does Des pois mean in French?

"des pois" are "peas" in French.

What does petite pois mean?

petits pois is the name for peas in French.

Is there any difference between canned and frozen petit pois?

Canned petit pois are usually found in a can whilst frozen petit pois are generally frozen

How do you spell peas in French?

A pea is un pois (masc., singular); plural: des pois.

What is homophone for poise?


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How do you say pea in french?


What is the french word for peas?


What does pois mean in french?


What does Mon petit pois mean?

"mon petit pois" = "my little pea" But I don't know anybody who would use this expression in French.

How do you say polka dot in french?

A pois

In french how do you say polka doted?

a pois

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Joseph Pois has written: 'Watchdog on the Potomac' -- subject(s): United States, United States. General Accounting Office

What are the disadvantages of network interface cards?

nil pois

Sweet pea in french?

pois de senteur

What is little peas in french?

des petit pois