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They are probably animals.

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Q: Multicellular eukaryotes that are usually mobile and obtain food from other organisms probably belong to which kingdom?
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What ingdom includes organisms that are multicellular?

Kingdon Fungi and Kingdom Plantae include multicellular organisms as well as Kindgom Anamilia; all eukaryotes.

This kingdom is the only kingdom of eukaryotes that contains both autotrophs and heterotrophs and unicellular and multicellular organisms.?

the more classification levels that two organisms share

To what kingdom did the first eukaryotes most likely belong?

The first eukaryotes are most likely to belong to the Protista kingdom. These are mostly multicellular organisms with the earlier ones including organisms like Kneallhazia solenopsae and many more.

What kingdom does multicellular belong to?

Multicellular eukaryotes can belong to either Animalia, Plantae, or Fungi.

What kingdom of eukaryotes contain autotroph and heterotroph and unicelluar and multicellular?


Which kingdom includes autotrophic and heterotrophic unicellular and multicellular organisms?

The kingdom of protists has both heterotrophs, autotrophs, and uni/multicellular organisms.

What kingdom contains only multicellular organisms?

Animalia contains only multicellular organisms.

Which kingdom consist only of complex multicellular eukaryotic organisms which?

Animalia is the kingdom that consists only of complex multicellular eukaryotic organisms.

What are the 5 kingdoms in biodiversity?

The five kingdoms in biodiversity are Animal, Plant, Fungi, Protist, and Monera. The Animal kingdom includes multicellular organisms with specialized cells, while Plant kingdom comprises multicellular photosynthetic organisms. Fungi are multicellular eukaryotes that obtain nutrients by decomposing organic matter. Protists are a diverse group of mostly unicellular eukaryotes, and Monera consists of unicellular prokaryotes like bacteria.

Which kingdom includes both multicellular and multicellular organisms?

Fungi And Protists

Are mosses unicellular or multicellular?

Mosses are part of the plant kingdom and are not unicellular

What do plant and fungi kingdom have in common?

They are both eukaryotes,have cell walls, have nuclei,and are multicellular.