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Q: Must cracks in the gunite need to be repaired before the finish is applied?
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How do you get the cracks repaired on virtual families?

You first have to buy the floor repair kit and place it on one of the cracks. (This only comes at the store once in a while.) Then you place one of your people on the crack. You have to put them back on it for a few times before the finish. Also, you have to buy a floor repair kit for each crack.

How can I reduce the sheen of an oil-base paint before it is applied?

Just use satin finish paint.

What Smashbox product is good to apply before the Smashbox foundation?

Primer makeup is sometimes applied before foundation. Smashbox offers several primers (including Photo Finish Primer, Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer, Anti-Shine Primer, Photo Finish Lid Primer, and Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light) which may be applied the Smashbox foundation.

Natural or applied surface finish to a sculpture piece?


Is there a protective coating that can be applied to the stainless steel finish to prevent finger prints or is there already something applied to the finish?

ProtectaClear is a protective coating that is designed for protecting stainless steel.

A glossy clear finish applied to many kinds of materials?


Why is Plaster applied to walls?

Plaster is usually applied onto Plasterboard to give it a smooth finish which can then be painted. There are other techniques, taping & jointing is one, though Plaster gives a better finish.

How do you achieve a porcelain eggshell crackle finish for furniture?

Crackle finish is the product of painting the piece with a crackle medium, which is a paint/finish product which forms cracks when it dries. Craft and home improvement stores sell it.

What are the different types of plaster?

There are several types of plaster on the market, suitable for different applicatons. Traditionaly, ' Browning' is applied direct to brickwork as an undercoat to the final 'skim' finish coat. Browning is applied up to 12 mm thick with a 2 to 3mm skim over the top. Use 'Multi Finish' as a skim over the Browning, and 'Board Finish as a skim over plaster board sheets. Ensure plaster board sheets are fully taped up prior to skimming, to avoid cracks at the seams.

The body molding by the passanger door on a Mazda Tribute has been scatched. Can the molding be repaired or does it need to be replaced?

If the molding is smooth and body color, it can be repaired and refinished. If it is black and has a grained finish, it is not repairable if you want it to look like it has not been repaired. The grain finish is very hard to duplicate without the appearance being incorrect. We would replace it in our shop if it is grained.

What is cement punning?

punning is the method of cement finish, in a very thin layers about 3-5mm, applied on the internal or external walls/ roofs/ beams/ columns, to give aesthetic effect as well as for seepage protection. also it is used to hide the plastering cracks.

What glossy clear finish called that is applied to many kinds of materials?

its is magnetic

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