Must you separate the male hamsters to the female when it is pregnant?


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If its a dwarf hamster, you can choose if you want the male to stay.

If its a syrian hamster you can give the male away.

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You can keep a female and male hamster together, but you must consider where you would home the babies if she has them.

If it's a Syrian then it MUST live alone but if it's a dwarf then it would be better with a pair or group. Female Chinese dwarf hamsters MUST NOT be in a pair. Have two male Chinese hamsters or if you want baby hamsters then male and female.

No, there must be a male and a female.

when they are 3/4 weeks all hamsters must be put in separate cages away from their mom

A pregnant hamster, by definition, must be female.

no, there must be a male hamster to impregnate them. (like humans, basically.)

Yes just when ever one is ready to mate it will fight with the other, also when it is pregnant and has babies it must be separate

when hamsters have a fight and they are living in the same cage you MUST put them in separate cages to prevent serious injury. Hope you hamsters r ok

No, if you mean can two female rabbits mate to become pregnant, they can't! A male and female must mate within the time that the female rabbit is 'on heat' for the female to become pregnant.

First your hamster must be an adult and then you have to partner your hamster up. You must put both the hamsters into one cage and set up a partnership between them. It may take some time before the hamster becomes pregnant.

YES! You MUST separate a pregnant female from any males, as the males are likely to eat the babies once they are born. You SHOULD separate females unless they both have their litters at the SAME time. Female mice will care for each other's babies, but if one mouse is not lactating (producing milk) she may try to care for some of the babies but will actually starve them, as she is not aware that she isn't producing milk. It is best to separate a pregnant mouse at least a week before her litter is due (2 weeks after she gets pregnant).

no. (All) syrian hamsters as adults are very teritoral.it is ok for syrian hamsters to share a cage if thay are under the age of 5 weeks. When they get around the age of 4 weeks you (Must) separate them. Or there fights could be faital.

No, the sperm must be deposited in the vagina while the female is fertile for her to become pregnant.

Yes, a male and female Lion must mate successfully for the female to become pregnant.

Nope - they must mate with a male to reproduce !

A males ejaculatory fluids (Pre-ejaculate or ejaculate) must come in contact with your vagina for you to become pregnant.

yes until babies are born,then you must take the male out because they will start to fight.

Once the ovaries and uterus have been removed from a female dog, it is impossible for her to get pregnant. If a bitch 'believed' to have been spayed does get pregnant, it must then become obvious that the dog was never spayed.

You must put a female with a male but be sure to separate them after she lays the eggs as the male will kill her. You must be warned though, they produce a LOT of eggs and the females and males must be separated after they get older.

No, a dog must be in heat to mate successfully. Otherwise she will not get pregnant.

any time after 5 months of age, they do not have seasons (of course they must be female).

Well Betta breeding is tricky, some betta keepers are "ok" but others are NOT, your betta keeper must have a seperater to separate the male from the female. You must do this so the male can get use to the look of the female.. After 1-2 days put the female in with the male.. And watch them, if they fight then you will have to separate them again.

Syrian Hamsters need to be alone. They are extremely territorial and would fight another hamster. . Dwarf Hamsters can be alone, or be with another Dwarf Hamster of the same sex and breed. They enjoy company, but it isn't necessary. If the hamsters begin fighting, they must be separated. If they are getting along well and then you separate them then they can become depressed.

No, just as for other mammals, there must be a male and a female for pregnancy to possibly occur.

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