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y dont you try modifying the head take it to the engineers and do a port and gas flow it cost me r2500 and ive gained 20kw give it a try

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What does Refurbished mean?

Redone, Redecorated is to be used but still mint condition but is used but still great (example):refurbished Iphone 4 is used but still in mint condition

What is a good sentence using laser?

The laser is still a popular weapon in science fiction movies and books.

Is UltraZone-laser tag is still open in anchorage?


Can a laser mouse be dangerous because of the laser?

The wavelength is too high and frequency is too low for the laser inside a mouse to do any damage in small doses. However, one should not stare into the laser of a mouse because it is still a laser and could potentially cause harm.

What could be the problem if your 1990 Plymouth laser rs rpms are to high you have changed the iac motor and the engine comp because the mecahnic said that was the problem but the rpms are still high?

did they want freedom

Is 2050 weight oil better for 1994 Oldsmobile bravada?

No. It will seriously affect your gas mileage and cause unneccesary wear on start up. If you have a lot of miles on it you might consider using one of the new extended life blends. 10w30 would be the best viscosity to use. 50 is almost a gear oil and is very heavy. Until you engine is fully heated up this oil would be very sluggish in your engine and even at full operating temp it would still be sluggish. Oil does more than lubricate. It helps cool the engine parts internally, it suspends dirt and other particles until they can be filtered out and it cleans the engine. Therefor it must flow freely and evenly through your engine.

Are the diamonds still use for laser?

Apparently. You can read more, below.

Could you still have adult ADD if you do not feel energetic?

Yes, people with ADD tend to have "sluggish times" where they cannot wake up.

What would make a 1988 BMW 735i shake between 50-60?

I have already redone the suspension and tires and rims and the problem still exists

Is the steam engine still around today?

yes the steam engine is still around

Do they still make transformers toys and are they redone for the new transformers movies?

Transformers are still being produced, and there are specific toys made for the movies. There is a line of transformers being made for the upcoming Dark of the Moon movie.

If a mole has been removed a hair still grows out?

Yes, the hair still grows on the mole even if you get the mole removed. I got few moles shaved off( not laser) and the hair still come off that area. I am not sure about laser though. The laser beams might burn the hair follicle as well. Ask the doctor. My doctor did tell me that the hair will still grow even after the moles have been shaved off

Are HP LaserJet 3500 printers still available for purchase?

HP laser Jet 3500 printers are still available for purchase. One can purchase an HP Laser Jet 3500 online. There is a wide variety of websites which offer printers, and one can purchase the HP Laser Jet 3500 printer on these websites.

How do you make a laser that can weld metals?

Your best bet is a CO2 laser using an O2 jet. However, I doubt if any but the most determined could hobbyist could build that powerful of a laser. Still, CO2 is your best bet.

Where can I get an industrial laser that I can attach to the head of a shark ? has plenty of industrial lasers, but I still don't see why you can't come up with something more efficient than a shark with a laser beam attached to its head. Industrial Laser Systems should have exactly the industrial laser you're looking for.

What is the medical term for treating a cold sore with laser?

As far as I know cold sores are not treated with lasers, they can get aggravated and or they can still come back even if you do treat it with a laser.

Can the Boeing 777 fly on one engine?

The Boeing 777 is a two engine jet airplane. If one engine fails and the other engine is still working, yes it can still fly with one engine.

Is the steam engine still used today?

Yes The Steam Engine/Tractor is still being use to this day.

I had stripping of varicose veins 14 years ago Can I now get endovenous laser therapy on the same leg?

you need an ultrasound (duplex) scan done to see if the main vein or part of it is still there- that is the one which can have endovenous laser done to it. you need an ultrasound (duplex) scan done to see if the main vein or part of it is still there- that is the one which can have endovenous laser done to it.

Are there any do it at home laser hair removal systems?

There is probably no do it at home laser hair removal systems yet. The reason being is that these laser removal procedures are fairly new and they still haven't developed really safe ones yet for regular customers.

Is there any danger to laser hair removal?

Since laser technology is still consider a rather new technology to the world. The known effect up to this point is that there is no danger to laser hair removal. However, there might be hidden symptoms that pop up in the future.

How does a laser treatment help one to quit smoking?

Laser treatment to help you quit smoking is still very experimental and not a validated treatment as of yet, however, the laser stimulates acupressure points of the ears, nose, fingers and wrists to increase endorphin levels, which will relax you and minimize / remove cravings. After this, you would still need psychological training to lessen the thoughts of wanting to smoke, and even then you would need to detox, because laser treatment is supposed to be nearly instant, but you will still have the particles in your body from your last smoke (if you smoked recently) that needs to be rid of.

Are 2014 KIA Rios still manufactured with an interference engine?

Are 2014 KIA Rios still manufactured with an interference engine

You have had laser treatment 10 days ago on your varicose veins but they are still there will they shrink and how long will it take?

Having had laser treatment on my leg for varicose veins 10 days ago they have not improved at all the veins are still there, will they shrink in time, or has the treatment not worked?

Which shoots out of a gun faster a bullet or a laser?

Since Laser is light and light is faster than anything we know of on earth the laser is faster, especially if it is a constant beam. Bullets can travel faster than sound, but still nowhere near the speed of light. Besides, despite what you see in Star Wars, there are not laser guns, only lasers.