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My 1989 Volvo 740 will turn over fine but will only run a few feet before cutting off Jump battery same thing change battery same thing tested alternator its ok Any suggestions?

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April 13, 2010 3:58PM

This sounds similar to a problem I had once. In the end, replacing the battery cables solved the problem. If yours are old and you live in a climate where they're exposed to salt, humidity, or other corrosion, I'd start by replacing both battery cables. Or, if there doesn't appear to be any corrosion probability of bad cables themselves, try removing the cables from the battery, clean the terminals very well, reinstall them tightly and coat them with grease to prevent corrosion at the battery posts. You should probably also check the cleanliness and tightness of the connection where the Negative (-) cable bolts onto the car's frame (usually on the same side as the battery, just below the engine). Remove the screw, clean everything to bare metal, reinstall and tighten. Then cover with fresh grease (or vaseline will work - or spend a few bucks and buy battery terminal protectant spray).