Car Batteries

My 1994 ford escort has a new battery but for 9 months has been in my garageIt has a little fuel in it but only sounds like it will start then dies Will a new alternator and more fuel help get it?

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2006-08-01 19:20:19

Gasoline is a very perishible substance. Over time, the aromatic

components that make gasoline so flamable break down and evaporate.

What is left will burn, but not very well, it terms of running an

engine. Try adding several gallons of new gas to the tank, and then

crank the engine for about 20 seconds, or until it starts. If the

engine dies, wait at least 30 seconds before cranking it again.

Starter motors get very hot when turning over an engine, and will

burn up if used over and over without being allowed to cool off.

You also may need to have another vehicle boost the voltage of your

battery with jumper cables. Do not change the alternator without

having it tested.

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