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No, that is not a fuse issue. I would suspect this is a switch or wiring issue.


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I think you have to push the 'unlock' button twice in order to unlock the doors.

Hook up a meter to either the lock wire or unlock wire, press the lock button and the the unlock button. you will see the meter go to 12v on 1 press and open circuit on the other. if its just 12v and ground, then its positive polarity door locks.

you need to get in your Tahoe 1. put the key in the ignition 2. hold down the unlock button 3. continuing holding down the unlock button, turn the ignition on, then off, then on, then off again. 4. Release the unlock button(The Locks shoul lock then unlock) 5. Press the unlock and lock buttons on the remote at the same time and hold for 15 seconds if you have done it right after 15 seconds the locks should lock then unlock and your remote is programmed after this turn the key to the on position to exit program mode

You click the crate and select the Get Help button on the bottom and publish it and your friends will help unlock it...

It should lock and unlock with the power door locks. If it is stuck in the locked position, there is a lever in the trunk on the driver's side behind the carpet that will unlock it.

how to disable power door locks on 2003 ford taurus,i don`t have the manual

The ignition key should open the door locks - unless the doorlock has been changed

Possible the system is deactivated. 1. Sit in the driver seat, turn the key on. 2. Hit the unlock doors button 3 time (within 5 sec of each other). 3. Turn the key off and hit the unlock 3 times again. You should get a chirp from the horn. If this does not solve your problem, you can try the same proceedure but hit the Lock button Vs the unlock button

Press the home button. (the one at the bottom do you iPod) It will show you a screen asking you to slide to unlock. Slide the little gray button with a finger until you can't slide it anymore. Hope that helps you :) :)

The driver door does not unlock the power locks for a few reasons. This motor could be burned out or the wires could not be attached correctly.

1. Insert key 2. Hold down drivers side unlock button 3. Turn ignition to on position and back to off position three times (on,off,on,off,on,off) 4. release unlock button. (door locks will cycle) 5. hold down the lock and unlock buttons on the remote at the same time. (locks will cycle again) 6. Remove key, the remote should now work (unless is is not the right frequency for your car, in which case the locks wouldn't have cycled the second time)c

Then you have to lock and unlock the doors by hand.

Umm, there are still manual locks. Take your finger and push the lock over and unlock the door. Good Luck!!!!

On my 1998 E-320 it is a safety feature that the dirver's door unlocks then on pressing the button again, the rest of the doors & trunk unlock. This can be changed to one press unlocks all by refering to the Owners Manual.

I think combination locks are safer since key locks are easy to break into with a knife or a ice prick to unlock the key lock.

Cycle the key on/off 8 times and the door locks will lock and then unlock. Press the lock button on your key fob to program it

w What you do is open the door in pull the lock down.the lock is located right where the door close on the side where you open the door on the left hand side.

Start with looking in your owners manual. Take the key less entry fob into the car with you. With your key, turn the ignition on and off eight times. Do not start the vehicle. The door locks will start to cycle lock/unlock Press the lock and unlock button on the fob until it locks and unlocks the door by its self

for people that don't know what the shift button does.

sit in drivers seat with all doors closed. hold the door lock button in the unlock position while rotating the ignition key from lock to on (do not start) position,back to lock, back to on ,thenback to lock. release door unlock button. door locks should cycle twice to indicate programming mode is activated. take fob and depress both lock and unlock buttons at the same time for 15 seconds. locks will cycle when fob frequency is accepted. test fob. lock,unlock etc. additional fobs may be programed at this time by holding both lock and unlock buttons down on fob until door locks cycle. test that fob for function. rotate ignition key to on position to exit activation program.

there is no button or switch. there is a gas door lock that is incorporated into the central locking unit on your car. it locks when you lock the car and unlocks when you unlock the car.

No. the regular power locks unlock the lift gate, and you have to grab the exterior handle to unlatch and open.No. the regular power locks unlock the lift gate, and you have to grab the exterior handle to unlatch and open.

When i bought my thunderbird the key to the ignition didnt fit the door locks so i had to replace the locks. That might be the best answer. :]

It is behind the back door and have a switch.

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