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My Acura Vigor will not start sometimes if you let it sit it will start It turns over just doesn't start?


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2009-10-18 20:16:16
2009-10-18 20:16:16

There are a few possibilities for the problem. The most likely are the main relay and the engine temp sensor. The main relay is a problem very common to older Honda/Acura models, and the temp sensor is a common cause is general.

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its either the factory alarm or ur battery i had the exact same ordeal only for 45mins then start

Put the key back in the door and turn it. This works for my 94 vigor.

your ignition switch could be going bad, checkout under archives..

Vehicles won't start when overheated.Alot of vehicles act this way as a safety mech. to help protect your engine from damage. At a certain temp. the factory ECU disengages the ignition.

The Vigor has a fuel relay just above the left kick panel on the driver's side. It's symptoms of being bad are: Hard to start in hot weather. Usually you can get down underneath of the dash and wiggle the multi-connector that plugs into the sensor and the car will start. I used to wiggle it at the same time I took my other hand and turned the ignition key. The car always started. Although this is only a temporary fix to not get stranded somewhere, it does work. The sensor costs about $60.00 from Acura.

Check the ignition coil and the spark plugs in the Acura. It sounds like the engine is not getting enough fire to ignite the fuel.

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The fuse for your alarm is the same one that wont let your car start if its out so you cant just pull the fuse most likely youll have to take it ti a dealership or have someone who knows what there doing disconect it cause if not there goes your whip

most likely flooding the cylinders due to a bad temp sensor. or you have an elec problem and the starter doesn't engage.... you didn't specify.

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its your main relay, there soilder joints that expand causing a bad coonnection,its located on the driver side kicker panel half way up over the fuse box usaully grey in color,cost about 65.00 at auto dealer.

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most likely flooding the cylinders with fuel due to a bad temp sensor. or you have an electrical problem and the starter doesn't turn.... you didn't specify.

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Check your negative cable to the battery.

Acura, Accord, Ford's Model A,

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