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could be elctrical not turning on compreesor could just be out of freon

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My95 dodge stratus is skipping whats wrong?

it has turned girly

LG KS360 Memory Card Help Anyone?

whats wrong with the memory card?

Whats wrong when i Turned key off on car but something kept running then white smoke?

The ignition timing is out

You have a1998 ford explorer with power windows all windows work except passengers back window can anyone tell you whats wrong?

Had same problem with mine. Turned out to be the motor, but could also be the switch or wires.

Can anyone fix my DS lite touch screen?

Well no, unless you tell the internets whats wrong with it.

The adapter for the laptop does not work unless the laptop is turned on using the battery. The battery is now dead and cant be turned on. how can this be fixed. whats wrong with the laptop?

get a new laptop

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What is wrong if I turned the air conditioning off but the fan is still blowing?

It could be that the fan switch on the thermostat is turned on so the fan runs all the time not just when the A/C or heat is on. This is supposed to be the most efficient method.

Your car not blowing air or heat what's wrong?

Car not blowing air or heat

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Never mind thanks anyway turned out to be a bad CTS

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Whats wrong with your ac on a 2000 Oldsmobile intrigue?

If the AC is Blowing cold and turn off and on, the AC/heater control switch is bad. Replace it on eBay for around fifty dollars. Work great now.

How to fix computer?

Depends on whats wrong. There can be many things wrong with your computer depending on what the symptoms are. Take your computer to a computer technician or repair shop to diagnose whats wrong and how to fix it.

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whats wrong with them?

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Whats wrong with it?? AT

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How do you tell whats wrong with your BMW 325 1986 It dont acclerate when you push on the gas it hesitate and barely moves?

I had a similar problem with a 1987 Cavalier, it turned out to be a bad catalytic converter.

What is wrong with your 99 beetle it is bad on gas its a 2 liter whats wrong?