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Adding to the question it is in the commonwealth of Virginia.

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Your mother has full custody. Would your father have to consent for you to get married?

No. If your mother has sole legal custody she can consent to your getting married.

Can a minor get married without the consent of one parent but with the consent of the other?

In the case of the marriage of a minor, both parents must attend in person and sign their consent if the parents are married. If the parents are not married only one parent has sole custody that parent must attend in person and sign their consent. In the case of joint legal custody both must consent.

Can grandmother have custody if parents never married?

Only if the parents are found unfit does the grandparents as well as other relatives have a chance for custody.

Can you get married at 17 in Louisiana?

Yes, IF you have parental consent (from both parents if they both have custody)

Can you get custody of your child if the mother leaves state and never has him?

If the mother has legal custody but leaves the state and doesn't have physical custody of your child then that must mean the child is with someone who doesn't have custody. I assume you are not married. In that case, you must establish your paternity in court and request legal and physical custody. If the mother has left the state without taking her child with her the court will certainly want to know who the child is with and will certainly consider awarding legal custody to the other biological parent, you.Perhaps you can convince the mother to consent to your getting legal and physical custody. If not sole custody, then joint legal and physical custody.You should consult with an attorneywho specializes in custody issues. The attorney can review your situation and explain your rights and options.

Can you get Married at 13 in BC with Parental Consent?

No. And if parents think it's a good idea that their 13yo child gets married they can lose custody.

Do you have to have more than one of your parent's consent to get married at the age of 16?

That depends on the state that you live in. There are states that require the consent of both parents if both have custody.

Who has legal custody when never married Ct?

the person who has physical possesion of the child.

If you are 17 and you have the consent of your mother who has main custody of you can you marry an illegal immigrant?

Yes, you can get married with parental consent. However, marrying someone that is not in the country legally does not change their status.

Can one parent allow medical information to be shared without consent of the other parent?

If the parents are married, yes. If one parent has sole custody that parent can consent.

Can grandfather take child out of state without consent of mother not married?

No. A grandfather has no parental rights and has no right to do anything without the consent of the mother as long as she has custody of the child and he doesn't.No. A grandfather has no parental rights and has no right to do anything without the consent of the mother as long as she has custody of the child and he doesn't.No. A grandfather has no parental rights and has no right to do anything without the consent of the mother as long as she has custody of the child and he doesn't.No. A grandfather has no parental rights and has no right to do anything without the consent of the mother as long as she has custody of the child and he doesn't.

Do you have to have both parents' consent for an underage marriage in Pennsylvania and can one parent sign if they don't have custody over that child?

If you are under the age of 18, then the consent of the CUSTODIAL parent or Guardian is necessary. So, if this parent does not have custody, then they cannot sign for you to get married.

Does a 17yr old need a Parent consent to get married in Louisiana?

Yes. You need consent from both parents unless one is deceased or does not have custody, and in that case proof must be provided.

What if your parents aren't married by law and they are given a consent form to search your room and person?

Generally, their marital status has no bearing on the issue. As long as they have legal custody they can consent to a search.

Does the father get custody of the children if mom has passed away?

If married, and not living in Kansas. If the mother had a custody order, and first right of refusal is not declared in the orders, he will need to file a custody challenge against her parents. Kansas has an old law that does not allow widowers to have custody of young children. The maternal grandparents can take them.

Can the mother take a child out of the country if the couple is not married?

If the father have visitation, shared custody or paying child support she will need his and the courts consent.

Can a married woman give custody of her child to her parent with out informing her husband and getting consent?

If a woman gives custody to someone else without informing her husband or getting consent, it is called kidnapping. She could go to prison. She might not like it. On the other hand, she gets three hots and a cot.

Can a wife take their child out of state without the father consent?

If your not married, she can go anywhere she wants to, she has custody, she is single, then you can't tell her where to move. If you are married, then it can be up to the judge if the child can be taken out of state.

If you were never married to your child's father and you have sole legal and physical custody who gets custody if you die?

The childs' father, married or not. Your relationship to the father is irrelevent. The father is the first on a long list of family members. Create a living will if that is not acceptable.

Do you need both parents consent to get married at 16 in Arkansas?

If both parents are still alive and both have custody, then you need consent from both of them. In the event that one is no longer alive or doesn't have custody, then you have to provide proof of that (a death certificate or a custody order). And just FYI if the 16-year-old is a male, they cannot marry without a court order approving/allowing it.

Where do you report husband taking child out of US country without wife consent?

If you are married you have equal right to the child and no consent is needed. If there is a court order for custody he would need the wife's consent and she could then report it to the police and court since he broke the court order.

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