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Then go to a professional and have them look at it. Or your headlights and taillights light bulb thing is blown out. Either way you should go to a professional or have them come to you and DON'T DRIVE YOUR CAR!:0)

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โˆ™ 2008-06-05 01:42:48
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Q: My Headlights and taillights don't work?
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Why wont tail lights work but headlights do?

my headlights work but my taillights and dash light dont work whats wrong

Why do the taillights stay on when the headlights go on for a 1986 Chevrolet celebrity?

The taillights are supposed to go on when the headlights are activated.

Taillights or dashlights wont work when headlights are on for a ford explorer 1991 could it be the light switch?


My headlights work but I have no taillights or brakelights?

WHAT ARE YOU DUMB REPALCE YOUR LIGHT BULBS STUPID! Not stupid replaced circuit boards checked fuses ran test light . When headlights are on no brake light or taillights and have all new bulbs stupid. Turn headlights off brake lights work, so figure that out smart man

What are the release dates for Talk2DIY Automotive - 1986 Headlights to Taillights?

Talk2DIY Automotive - 1986 Headlights to Taillights was released on: USA: 30 September 2003

On a 1999 Grand Am why doesnt the taillights and dashlights work but the headlights do?

Check the fuse for parking/tailights (dash lights also on this circuit)

Why did my headlights taillights and dash lights stopped working when flashers brake and turn signals work fine what happened?

in dash lights

What would cause your brake lights to not come on with the headlights on If the headlights are off the brake lights are fine?

Possible ground issue at the taillights.

Why does your headlights work when your tail lights dont and your tail lights work when your headlights dont on your 94 ford ranger splash?

one of two things, BAD EARTH, or Relay switch.

Why do you keep blowing your headlights and taillights everytime you ride your snowmobile?

Bad voltage regulator

When i turn on headlights the Taillights do not come on. I replaced the bulbs they were blown still no taillights brake and turn signal working fine. Honda accord 2000?

Do parking and dash lights work? If not, may be fuse most vehicles it is the same circuit

Your headlights dont work in your 97 eclipse?

check the fudes check headlights for power then check light switch

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