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You need to have the code read. Even if the light goes out the code will stay around a few on-off cycles after. Any good auto store will usually do this for free. It sounds like a bad knock sensor, but you need to have the code read to know for sure. Good luck.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-19 11:03:13
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Q: My Oldsmobile shakes on idle and while accelerating but then calms down the faster you go engine light flashes but in drive no shaking this happend before 4 months ago lasted 15min whats going on?
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What is wrong with my BMW 325e It is shaking and making noise when accelerating in first and second gear?

propshaft coupling is damaged

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What is the cause of the whole car violently shaking when accelerating from low speeds up to about 70 mph?

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What causes shaking and loud noise after accelerating?

that use to happen in my ford explorer and it was the transmission try to make sure you keep eye on fluids good luck

What causes car shaking in Honda 03 accord when accelerating?

It could be a number of things. Try having your wheel alignment checked along with your tires for knots

Mazda626 shaking when breaking?

It could be that one of your brake discs is is bent this happend to my Ford Telstar which is just a rebadged 626, if the shaking is more orientated to a corner of the car that's your problem, if the whole car shakes I have no clue sorry

Why does the truck shake at the end when accelerating?

well if it shakes after you accelerate that does not soound normal. it could have a bad air filter or maybe low on oil but if this F-150 still has the warrity than i would take it to the ford dealer ship and have them look at it. cause there should not be any shaking if this is a brand new truck or close to a brand new truck. i have an F-150 2001 and it runs great no shaking after accelerating

Why does a Dodge Grand Caravan shake only at 37 mph and only under acceleration not cruising or breaking?

Check or replace axles, worn axles are primary source of shaking when accelerating.

What would cause shaking that occurs only during accelerating through a turn?

If its a front wheel drive, your cv joint. Another likely cause could be loose lug nuts on your wheel.

What's wrong '98 Grand Voyager has tremendous shaking of engine front end at 45 mph recent replacement of serpentine belt front end wheels ok shaking started soon dealer replaced serpentine belt?

My voyager started wobbling/shaking when accelerating at around 35 - 45 mph. It was the cv joints. It only does it under acceleration. It was a wobble from side to side.

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BMW 325i when accelerating back of the car is shaking?

I believe the 325 is configured in either a rear wheel drive or a 4 wheel drive version. If it's rear wheel drive, it sounds like you might have a problem with one of the "U" joints.

My 2000 impala shaking when accelerating but once i let off the gas pedal it stops it only does it when im on the gas pedal it shakes real bad like if the whole car is wobbling what you think?

Most likely a motor mount. Or axle shaft.

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Why is your 2005 Kia Sedona shaking so much?

I had the same problem: at 50-55Mph, when accelerating, the engine would start shaking. When I released the acceleration the vibration went away. Also, it would shake badly when driving up hill and accelerating. Went to a mechanic and changed both catalytic converters (the first one melted and clogged the second one) did a complete tune-up, wheel balance and alignment. He also changed the rear engine mount. However, the van was still shaking but it was 50% better already. Next, he changed ALL engine mounts (supports) AND the right axle (drive shaft). Now the van runs like a champ and I could not be happier! I hope this helps. If you can do your own replacements you can save a lot of money!