My dogs leg got broken a 2yrs ago and since then she limps once in a while. today i came home and she won't walk on it at all and it seems to flpo a bit more. could it have broke again?

Dogs, like people, will develop arthritis in old injuries. Usually cooler weather will cause flare ups, but definitely get him to the vet for x-rays. If it's arthritis, they can prescribe an anti inflammatory for the pain.

take it to a vet. or find an adult who knows about the structure of a dog. FIRST I DO AGREE with the bulletin above because you should take it to the vet and see whats wrong with it because if you dont know what your doing you may touch the weak spot just trying to fix the problem.A warning sign is the dog starts limping on the weak spot then you should really do something about it.then in some cases a dogs leg may even change colors then if that happens immediatly take him to the vet. Animals aren't any different than humans so the dog would either not be putting any pressure on the leg, the leg could be dragging. You can bet, that if that leg is broken your dog is in great pain and counting on you to do something about it. Go see the vet with your dog ASAP! If it can't walk, Take it to a vet. I woudn't suggest kicking it!!!!!!!!!! that is just wrong!!!!!!!! However, on another note, If you suspect your dog has any kind of major injury to it's leg I would suggest taking to the vet.. It can be difficult for someone without medical experience to be able to tell if a leg is broken or not. The only obvious signs that a leg is broken or dislocated and not sprained are, the leg may be dangling at an awkard position not normal for the leg, or if it is an open fracture the bone will be sticking out from a tear in the flesh of the leg. Again, please get your companion to the vet immediately if you suspect any kind of major injury such as this... Check out FAQfarm listed Question: "What should you do if you do if your dog broke its leg?" for advice on how to stabilize the leg before transporting to the vet. Kechara The dog might be limping,dragging its leg,or can't walk.Like above,it is suggested to bring the dog to a proper vet to be examined.But if you're inexperienced you shouldn't try to take matters in your own hands or it might make the situation worse It may also be refusing to sit or lie down, or may be licking and whining. (If it is licking, it is not necesarilly a broken leg!)