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Your ball joints are dry and haven't or couldn't be greased in the past. I recommend replacement of both sides at once. Worked as a mechanic for 20 years, if this helps. Shop around before you decide which garage to repair this problem. I have a 1995 Explorer. The original ball joints had no grease fittings. If your joints are badly worn and show motion, they need replaced. In my case, I drilled a 7/32 hole in the top of the joint socket. Used a 1/4" 28 thread NF tap ($3.50), and installed a grease fitting available at a part store for 50 cents. I didn't even have to remove the wheel to do this. Greased the joint; solved the squeak and it took less than one hour. PS this car has 237,000 miles and still doesn't use oil . . . best car I ever owned. Though the above answer is a known issue on many explorers, mine had the exact same issues as yours and just needed a set of cheep shocks. They were $20 each and relatively easy to install. They really made a world of difference, but do grease all of the fittings under the car. We had squeaks in our 2000 Explorer and I solved it easily and was surprised to find the culprit. It may not be causing yours, but check it out. On the rear bumper there is a molded Step, or grip pad on top of the bumper, it tucks under the quarter panels. Our squeaking was coming from the rubbing of this piece in a few areas. It's easy to check out, just with slight hand pressure, push a little on the bumper and the squeak will sound really localized if that is the problem. I sprayed WD-40 on the contact areas and our squeak is gone....Thank was driving me crazy!!

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When your 2001 Explorer Sports Trac is in drive the brake lights quit working but work when you are in Park or sitting still What is wrong with them?

Many have the same problem, but it is when the steering wheel is tilted. One of the wires in the harness on the steering column breaks contact. Are you tilting the wheel when you so this??

What is the difference between your computer and explorer?

Your computer is the metal box sitting on (or under) your desk. Explorer is a software component of windows.

Where is the power steering pressure switch do on a 2002 Toyota Camry?

The switch is sitting directly in the power steering pump, and can trace by locating the wire connected to it.

Where is Vin location on 1982 Honda nighthawk?

There is a sticker with the vehicle identificationÊnumber on the left side of the steering tube if you are sitting on the bike. The number is also stamped on the steering tube.

Where is the ODB connection on a VW Eurovan?

Steering column, basically between your knees when you are sitting in the driver's seat

Where is the fuse box in a 1981 Grand Marquis?

left side of steering column under panel about where your shin would be if you were sitting

Where is the acorn cap on pages 24 and 25 of I Spy Treasure Hunt?

It is sitting on the ship steering wheel, at the bottom of the wheel.

Where is the flasher located on a 1987 Pontiac Grand Am?

If you are sitting in the driver's seat, it is on the left-hand side of the steering column., right behind the dash panel that wraps around the bottom half of the steering column.

How do you remove the steering wheel airbag on a Pontiac Torrent?

Disconnect battery Remove bolts holding air bag assembly to steering wheel (from side of steering wheel you don't see when sitting in driver seat) Remove air bag and disconnect electric connector

Why aren't steering wheels in the center of a car?

The steering wheel needs to be where the driver is sitting. Some sit on the left side of the car and some sit on the right side of the car, depending on which side the pond you live on.

Locate power steering fluid on a 1996 vito?

The power steering resavoir is a round black plastic bottle, sitting almost front and centre in the engine bay. fill it with power steeering fluid from your service station

How does water get in the power steering?

There are no coolant lines to a power steering system so the only two ways I can imagine water could get into it are from someone accidentaly putting water in the power steering fluid reservoir or a vehicle sitting idle for a long time with the cap off the reservoir and possibly no hood.

Why don't the rear windows of your 1993 explorer go all the way down?

Your rear passenger seat windows on the Ford Explorer do not go all the way down for the protection of the children that might be sitting in the rear seats

What is the firing order for ford fiesta 1.25 zetec?

1,3,4,2. The No 1 cylinder is near the alternator end. (RH sitting at the steering wheel)

Where is the 1995 dodge ram van hood release?

Sitting on the driver's seat, it's on your right, by the steering column near the heat vent.

Where is the obd2 connector location on a 1999 Malibu?

under dash at about your knees, when sitting in car on drivers side. down below steering wheel.

2003 optima low idle 750rpm steering wheel vibrates?

sitting and idling ?possible bad engine or trans mounthave them inspected

What would be the difference in talking on the phone and someone sitting right besides you and having a conversation with them?

Both of your hands are on the steering wheel and not just one.

How can you tell when your power steering pump is going out?

it makes noies it starts to whine alot when sitting still like it has no fluid in it and after you add fluid it still makes noise or another way is it's hard to turn the steering wheel

What is Telescopic Steering?

Telescopic steering wheel means the distance between the steering wheel and the dash board can be adjusted. Like a telescope, you can move the steering wheel forward or backward. This feature allows the driver to adjust the distance of the steering wheel from the dash board as per his height and sitting position. The manual version is available in most of the cars. Some cars have the power version of this feature like Lexus ES 350.

2002 grand am- What would cause a vibration in the steering wheel when sitting at a stop light?

time for a maintance of spark plugs and wireing cgange

How do you know if the power steering pump is shot on a 2001 BMW 325?

When you car is sitting still and it is extremely hard to turn but as you get going you can turn easier

Where do you hook up the code reader on a 2002 Suzuki XL 7?

If you are sitting in the steering wheel the hook up will be located by your right knee under the dash.

Where is the diagnostic connector on a 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante?

If you are inside the car, it is on the right side of the steering column, below the column. Feel with your hand as you can not see it sitting inside.

Is sitting a verb?

Sitting is part of the continuous form of the verb 'to sit'The continuous from is formed by 'to be' +sit(verb) +ing.e.g.Present# I am sitting, we are sitting # you are sitting # he/she/it is sitting, they are sitting Past# I was sitting, we were sitting # you were sitting, # he/she/it was sitting, they were sitting Future# I/we/you/he/she/it/they will be sitting.