Ford Explorer Sport

My ford explorer sport queakes really bad when you drive and hit even the littlest bumps and when you turn the steering wheel even when it is sitting still only on the driver side could wheel fall off?



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Your ball joints are dry and haven't or couldn't be greased in the past. I recommend replacement of both sides at once. Worked as a mechanic for 20 years, if this helps. Shop around before you decide which garage to repair this problem. I have a 1995 Explorer. The original ball joints had no grease fittings. If your joints are badly worn and show motion, they need replaced. In my case, I drilled a 7/32 hole in the top of the joint socket. Used a 1/4" 28 thread NF tap ($3.50), and installed a grease fitting available at a part store for 50 cents. I didn't even have to remove the wheel to do this. Greased the joint; solved the squeak and it took less than one hour. PS this car has 237,000 miles and still doesn't use oil . . . best car I ever owned. Though the above answer is a known issue on many explorers, mine had the exact same issues as yours and just needed a set of cheep shocks. They were $20 each and relatively easy to install. They really made a world of difference, but do grease all of the fittings under the car. We had squeaks in our 2000 Explorer and I solved it easily and was surprised to find the culprit. It may not be causing yours, but check it out. On the rear bumper there is a molded Step, or grip pad on top of the bumper, it tucks under the quarter panels. Our squeaking was coming from the rubbing of this piece in a few areas. It's easy to check out, just with slight hand pressure, push a little on the bumper and the squeak will sound really localized if that is the problem. I sprayed WD-40 on the contact areas and our squeak is gone....Thank was driving me crazy!!