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My healight covers are very cloudy how do i remove and the clean them?

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βˆ™ 2008-08-30 21:12:48

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You do not have to remove the covers to clean them, in fact you cannot remove just the covers. There is a product that will clean them it's called CrystaLenz. This stuff works really well and is pretty easy to use. For more info see their website Or you could just keep them waxed, cheaper and you already wax the car, just wax the lenses

2008-08-30 21:12:48
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Sell it!

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you have to take the front bumper off from underneath your car to get to the lights.

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How do you remove the headlight covers on a 1993 Lincoln mark viii in order to clean them?

You can't, but if you are talking about getting the cloudyness off, then polishing compound and then wax. You may have to do it a couple times, all according to how cloudy your lights are. If your talking about the inside of your lights I'm afraid they will have to be replaced. Try the compound first to see how that works, just take your time.

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first buy one from somewhere then remove plastic covers disconnet negative battery cable then remove clamp then remove to bolts rear bolts are a pain in the assss then clean everything

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If you use turtle wax it will clean it up pretty good if it from the outside of theheadlights

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Try soaking the glasses in white vinegar to remove any hard water deposits. Unfortunately, many times this streaking is a quality of the type and age of the glass itself and cannot be changed.

How can I clean the ac myself?

In order to clean the ac, a few steps are involved and some tools are required. First, you have to remove the filters and coverings to expose the inside of the ac. Then you check for things like motor oil, wipe certain parts of the ac, and vacuum the covers and the inside to remove dust.

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How do you remove headlight lens cover on 97 subaru legacy for cleaning?

The headlights are sealed units, unfortunately they do cloud over a bit with age. Try a cut and polish on the outside of the lens to clean them up a bit, but you would have to go to a plastic welder or similar to get them to remove the housing, and even then, cleaning them may not remove the cloudy effect.

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