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Q: My husband I were married in Saint Lucia but never filed in the USA or presented ourselves as married in the USA - Do we need an annulment in Saint Lucia?
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Does your husband who is non-Catholic need an annulment if he was not married in the Catholic Church and you are a Catholic and you want your marriage blessed?

Yes, he does if he was previously married.

Can you still get benefits from your first husband you were married for 30 years . and you went through an annulment with another man. I was married for only 48 hours?


Should you get annulment when you married with out knowing your husband visa was expiring 2 weeks after the marriage?

It depends, is it a trust issue, or did you marry him for the money?

Can my husband file for annulment for me here in the Philippines since hes getting married in the america this coming August 7?

I'm so sorry about your husband, but I believe he can. I'm really sorry!

What is a marriage annumlment?

A marriage annulment is kind of like a divorce. but instead of not being married any more you basically like disown any children if you had any and you pretend that you never married your spouse (husband or wife).

Can you annul your marriage without the sign of your ex husband?

If you are married you must obtain either a civil annulment or a divorce to legally dissolve your marriage in the United States. You cannot remarry until you do.If you are married you must obtain either a civil annulment or a divorce to legally dissolve your marriage in the United States. You cannot remarry until you do.If you are married you must obtain either a civil annulment or a divorce to legally dissolve your marriage in the United States. You cannot remarry until you do.If you are married you must obtain either a civil annulment or a divorce to legally dissolve your marriage in the United States. You cannot remarry until you do.

How can I find the annulment records of an American who married a Panamanian in 1983?

The annulment records of an American who married a Panamanian in 1983 can be found in more than one way. The record can be searched for through family members or friends. The annulment records can be located from the record office where the annulment took place.

Does a Catholic need an annulment if he was married by a Baptist minister to a Baptist woman and they later divorced?

If you were not married in the Catholic Church, this marriage was not recognized and therefore not necessary for an annulment.

If you were married in a courthouse and got divorced do you need an annulment to be married a second time by a Catholic priest?

The only time you need to have an annulment is if one or both of you were married in the Catholic ChurchAnswer: Yes you'll need to obtain an official decree of annulment from the Catholic Church before you can be married again, this time in the Church. Such an annulment can be obtained pretty quickly though. Contact your parish priest.

Can you get an annulment from your parents?

No. You were never married to your parents.

How long can you be married before you can get an annulment?

You will have to be married for at least one full year.

What is marriage annulment?

my understanding is the married couple hasn't been consummated (had sex) the marriage there for you're not getting a divorce but an annulment.

If your only married for four months and its not working out what can you do?

Get an annulment

Can an annulment be obtained 15 years after a divorce?

No, an annulment is done very shortly after the couple has married and each State may have a different Statute of Limitations on an annulment, but no more than a year. If the couple are married over a year or longer then it is a marriage and one or both need to go through the divorce proceedings.

Do you need a divorce or an annulment if the woman that married you were already married but she did not tell you?

you can probably get that annuled, since she married you illegally

Can you get married if your first husband was married before you to another woman?

In the Western World you can only be married to one person at a time. Any married person must obtain a legal divorce before they can marry again.Additional notes: You can get married if your present husband was married before you and he did not obtain a proper divorce or annulment. If that were the case, you would be entitled to a judgment of annulment rather than a judgment of divorce. This is because in all states, a married person is not legally able to marry another person. The second marriage (yours) is completely void and should be annulled. It simply has no legal effect.In fact, in some states, you might not even have to get an annulment of your own marriage before remarrying. Of course, you should go to court and obtain a judgment of annulment just to ensure that your own first marriage, even though of no legal effect, doesn't create a similar problem for you, since it will still be a matter of public record.The good thing is that if you do remarry without getting an annulment, your second marriage will not be void just because the first marriage has not been legally terminated. You could always go back and have that particular mess cleaned up in a proper court action.

Can a person who was married for 2 months and left due to a very stressful marriage get an annulment?

In California you can get an annulment anytime before 6 months.

Is britney married?

No. She was married twice and got an annulment the first time and a divorce the second time.

How long do you have to file annulment after your are married?

You must file an annulment no later than one year after the marriage. You must have legal grounds to the annulment, simply because it did not work out wouldn't work out.

What is the time limit for an annulment in Alabama?

How long do I have to get married anulment

Does a non-Catholic have to get an annulment to get married in the Catholic Church?


If your husband dies are you considered divorced?

If you were married to him when he died, then you are considered widowed. If you divorced him before he died, then you are considered divorced. However, for the purposes of religion, if your religion does not recognize divorce, then you are considered widowed, even if you divorced your husband before he died, and you should not have to seek an annulment.

What grounds for annulment can you use if your husband was already married to another woman with two kids?

You can legally be granted a formal termination of your relationship with your husband on the grounds of his bigamous act. In fact, in Western countries your marriage was invalid if your husband was already married when he married you. If that is the case you should report him to the police and consult an attorney who can advise you on whether you need to take any other action. You should protect your assets immediately by transferring any joint accounts to sole accounts in your own name. You should make a list of any property or assets he managed to get from you by posing as your husband.

Can an inmate receive an annulment if he married while incarcerated?

It depends upon the laws of the state in which the marriage occurred, generally when if a marriage has not been consumated an annulment is possible.

What if your husband was never annult from his first wife and he married a second wife who is his legally his wife now?

If the first marriage was never legally terminated (though divorce or annulment), the first marriage is still valid and the second marriage is invalid.

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