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If you are refering to a Wiki account then make a new one. If you are referring to a bank account you need to go into the bank personally with all necessary documentation.

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Q: My husband passed away 11-08-09 and I can't seem to access our account.?
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When did Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley take the place of her husband in the revolutionary war?

After her husband passed out,because of the heat.After her husband passed out,because of the heat.

What is a wife that husband has passed away?

a widow

My mother passed recently and had no living will.I am her only child. Do I have to go through probate to access funds in her bank account?

Yes, this must go through probate. The only exception is if you are already a joint account holder or if she had an "in the event of death" beneficiary on the account with your name on it.

If you and your husband are joint tenants on credit cards are you responsible for the debts if he has passed away?

Yes. When an account is jointly held, all parties are equally responsible for the entire amount owed.

We the family have reason to suspect some dishonest activity reagarding my mother and this account are you saying we basically have no recourse if she abuses the money or runs off with it?

Joint Account If your name isn't on it then you have no rights. If she has passed away then the Power of Attorney can access it.

What you call a women that her husband is dead?

A woman whose husband has passed away is called a widow.Alternatively, a man whose wife has passed away is called a widower.

What is a husband called after he has passed away?

When a husband passes away, HE is a deceased spouse. I think you may be looking for these words:A woman whose husband passed away is a widow.A man whose wife passed away is a widower.If the surviving spouse remarries, he or she is no longer a widower/widow.

How did Queen Victoria become a widow?

Her husband passed away.

My 68 year old husband recently passed away I am 59 year old and disabled remainder man. Is it Possible for me to access the credit line in our financial freedom account?

Because you know the name of the company providing the reverse mortgage, there must be a contact number withing the documentation. It is suggested that you contact them instead of asking the general public.

Where is loretta Lynn husband mooney?

Loretta s husband passed away in 1995 after a long battle with diabetes.

Why won't Gmail let me get an account?

You are either to young or don;t have a passed email account

Your husband passed away are you liable for his truck payments?

Yes if he didn't have anything to pay it off with when he passed away

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