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After her husband passed out,because of the heat.After her husband passed out,because of the heat.

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Q: When did Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley take the place of her husband in the revolutionary war?
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What made Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley famous?

She was really good in the place of her husband in the Revolutionary War!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She also carried pitchers of water to overheated soldiers. George Washington then made her an officer known as "Sergeant Molly"

Took place of her wounded husband during the Revolution?

Margaret Corbin is well known for taking the place of her husband when he was fatally wounded during the battle at Fort Washington on November 16th, 1776. Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley who was nicknamed Molly Pitcher did the same thing during the battle at Monmouth in New Jersey when her husband collapsed at the cannon during the war in 1778.

What place did Mary Ludwig Hays take in the revolutionary war?

she took her huspands place as setting off a cannon when he fell due to a heart stroke

What was Mary Ludwig Hays job?

Mary Ludwig Hays was in the battle of Monmouth with her husband. She was hauling water to the weary men while her husband was in the battle. When her husband was unable to fight, she took his place.

What was Molly Pitchers place in Revolutionary War?

Molly Pitcher has been deemed as folklore, possibly based off of Mary Ludwig Hays

What was Molly Pitcher famous for?

She hauled water to the men at the battlefield in the battle of Monmouth. She also took her husband's (John Hays) place in the battlefield after he died there and fired round after round at the British.

Who was the woman that took place at the canon after her husband was wounded in the American revolution?

The woman who did that was Margaret Ludwig Hays, or Molly Pitcher which they named her

Where did molly pitcher get married?

78 silly gosh dont u know anything :]ImprovementShe was 24, born in in October 1744 and married in July 1769 to John Casper Hays. The second time she was married she was about 49 and that was to John McCauley, a friend of her late husband. In January 1832 she passed away due to skin cancer when she was approximately 87. More Info:Her real name was Mary Ludwig Hays and then Mary Ludwig McCauley (Ludwig being her maiden name), when she got famous and received her nickname 'Molly Pitcher', originally 'Moll of the Pitcher', she was married to John Hays. And she got famous at the Battle of Monmouth on June 28th, 1778, where, reportedly, her husband was shot and she took his place at his cannon.To The Person Who Originally Posted:24 silly gosh don't YOU know anything?? (:

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What wars did Deborah Sampson fight in?

She fought in the revolutionary war in Massachusetts 4th Regiment of the Continental army.

Who was best known for action in Monmouth New Jersey?

During the Battle of Monmouth in 1778, Mary Ludwig Hays carried water to her husband and other soldiers. The soldiers called her"Moll of the Pitcher," or Molly Pitcher. When her husband was wounded, she took his place, loading and firing a cannon.

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