Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

My sister passed in 02 and left behind one child who is now 12. She did not want him with his father but had no will. He is abusing the SS Money now. What age can my nephew move out?

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2008-08-25 22:24:20

When he is a legal adult, 18. If the child was older, I would

say he could file a petition for emancipation, but yeah...he's only

12. You could report him to Social Services, tell them what you're

seeing and whatnot, Don't know what they'd do about SS money

though. But yeah, until he is of legal age, he can't live elsewhere

without parental permission. My advice is, if you really want to do're going to have to make a legal matter. Involve

child protective services and all that. Messy situation.

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