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if there is insurance it should pay for the loss

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What happens if an uninsured driver borrows your insured car and gets in an accident?

Depends on the state laws. Typically driver insurance coverage is extended to any driver of the vehicle insured. Insurance covers the vehicle and any legally licensed driver with permission to operate the vehicle.

Who was the first person to get a drivers license?

Karl Benz had to obtain written permission to operate his car in 1888.

What does get along mean?

co-operate in a friendly fashion, be friends with

Is there any posibility that China Southern Airlines operate from Bangladesh?

No Posibility coz They didnt get all permission from authority.

Can my child be a occasionally driver of my car when she come in from college?

If he or she has a valid driver's license and has your permission to operate your car, then yes.

How do you get permission to operate car travel agency in the statetamilnadu which is in India?

To operate a car travel agency in India, you have to be a citizen who upholds the law. You can't have anything on your criminal record and you must own a newer, reliable automobile.Ê

If an uninsured driver of an insured driver's car has an accident caused by another driver what will happen to the uninsured drivers license?

If the uninsured driver had the permission of the insured driver to operate the vehicle then NOTHING will happen to the uninsured driver. In fact, in this case he or she is not an uninsured driver at all. The insurance follows the vehicle first, the driver second.

What kind of license would one need in order to operate a Cessna 210?

In order to operate a Cessna 210, one would need to obtain a private pilot's license (PPL). One can also fly simply by getting written permission from a flight instructor.

Are you at fault in an accident if you only have a permit with No adult in the car?

I believe the person with the permit will be at fault regardless of who caused the accident. 1) The person with a permit is not allowed to operate the vehicle without a licensed driver in the car. 2) The person with a permit most likely is not insured.

Are ATVs street legal in new york?

Nope, this is straight from the NY DMV website: ON PUBLIC LAND You may not operate an ATV on public land unless it is specifically designated for ATV use, and it is allowed by a posted sign. ON PRIVATE LAND To operate an ATV on private land, you must have permission of the land owner or lessee. If you receive permission, make sure you know the boundaries of the property, and respect any special restrictions or requests of the land owner. You could lose permission to ride on private land by littering, causing damage, or riding carelessly.

What if you have permission to drive with just a drivers permit to school and back home only?

I know of NO state that allows a 'permit' driver to operate by themselves wihout a licensed driver in the car with them.

What happens if an uninsured driver causes an accident in an insured car?

Vehicles are insured not drivers. If you are qualified and authorized to operate an auto the insurance on it will pay for it and any damage done by it.

Is car insurance required in VA?

If you do not carry the minimunm state insurance coverages, then you must pay the uninsured motor vehicle fee of $500. This is not insurance but it allows you to operate your vehicle on Virginia's highways at your own risk. If you get into an accident, you will have to pay all the fees associated with the accident.

Who is responsible if an unauthorised driver drives a hire car and has an accident?

I assume that you mean a rented vehicle with an unlisted driver having an accident. If you allow an unlisted driver to operate the vehicle then the person who signed the rental agreement will be responsible for damages because he allowed the unauthorized to drive.

Why is it important that your car is in good condition?

because when you come to selling it then you will get more money A car in good condition runs better. It is less likely to get into an accident if everything works properly. It will use less fuel if it is properly maintained. And if there is an accident, the safety features will operate properly to protect the passengers.

What is the verb of operation?

The verb of operation is operate.As in "to operate on something".An example sentence is "we need to operate on his tumour".Or "can you operate the forklift?"

Can you drive on an airfield with a learner?

If you have permission AND it is a PRIVATE airfield. I believe that all airfields under the jurisdiction of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) require a special license to operate a vehicle on an active airfield.

What is the future tense of operate?

The future tense of "operate" is "will operate"

If you have an insurance on your vehicle can you drive a vehicle belonging to another person?

If you are a first named insured on your policy then your liability coverage would extend to any non-owned private passenger vehicle you have permission to operate.

Can insurance make you pay if cars behind you get in accident?

I've got a feeling there is more to this than the question states. The answer is if you caused the accident and the police and/or insurance investigator state that you caused the accident then yes you can be at fault and liabile to pay for damages. For full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency in Gordon, Georgia and have for 22 years. I also worked as an agent for a direct writer for 3 years before that.

Routers operate at layer LAN switches operate at layer Ethernet hubs operate at layer?

Routers operate at layer 3. LAN switches operate at layer 2. Ethernet hubs operate at layer 1.

Do home healthcare agencies need to get a license from the State before they start operating as a business?

Almost all do. Hospitals and nursing homes, for instances, need permission from the government (not always called a license) before they can operate.

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