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That's what happened to me so I called them and in about a few days a new SIM card came in the mail! It doesn't cost a thing it's free!

I had the same problem. Rather than waiting for an answer from their notoriously non-existent customer service, I took the sim card out of the phone, wiped it vigorously on my tshirt (soft cotton), wiped the contacts inside the phone, reinserted the SIM card. IT worked! Ha ha ha ha! Take that you useless Tracfone scum!(lol i tried this and found out there was a piece of plastic under mine! lolz -david)

Daniel Piche wrote: Same problem, same solution. thanks David

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The Chinese use paper and ink for recording and displaying messages when did it start in 1978 it started?

in1789 sapan mehidi sorif jwel

Which member of the royal family started the tradition of displaying a Christmas tree in England?

Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. He was German and brought the tradition to Britain.

Why a guy starts looking at a friend differently?

What makes people change towards the other is simply the wrong attitude. It is possible the friend has started displaying a negative attitude.

Why do missions have crosses?

Missions are usually started by a religious order. So displaying crosses is not unusual.

What did labor unions do during the Industrial Revolution?

They started strike against the companies and blocked the road and burned the tires they were all angry crowed!

Why did the age of exploration begin?

It began because the Muslims blocked the "Silk Road" then the Holy wars started and then they Europeans had to explore to get more goods and spices.

What is a good question to ask about basketball for a school project?

Some good questions include: When was basketball started? Who started basketball? Where was basketball started? What was one of the original ABA teams? Who has the most championships in NBA history? Who is the NBA's all-time blocked shots leader? Who has played the most minutes in NBA history?

When did Michael J. Fox get parkinsens?

Mr.Fox started displaying symptoms of early-onset Parkinson's disease in 1990 while shooting the movie Doc Hollywood, although he was not properly diagnosed until the next year.(1991)

What is a reason for being that begins with the letter w?

Wolves ate my car. Wife was ill have to take her to hospital. Wife started to give birth to out first child. Walrus blocked my driveway, couldn't get my car out.

You changed the thermostat in your car and temp was ok for a few hours and started to go high again?

Assuming fluid is not lost, and thermostat is not sticking, and water pump is working, and radiator not blocked, must be electric fan not cutting in. I think its switched on by a sensor on the block. Check cut in of electric fan. IF thats working, must be blocked or ineffective radiator.

What did Egypt do in 1956 that started the Arab-Israeli War of 1956?

Egypt blocked Israel's direct access to the Red Sea, effectively preventing Israel from having commerce with Iran, its primary petroleum supplier at the time.

How do you find out who asked a question on WikiAnswers?

All you have to do is go to the question's history and look there. That option is under Question Tools to the left of the question. However, you might not be able to find out. Many contributors are unregistered. Also, if the question started as an alternate for another question, all you will see in the history is the name of the supervisor who split it out into a new question.

What make your car run hot?

All sorts of thing can.. Low oil, low coolant, blocked radiator, stuck thermostat, running too lean on fuel... If it just suddenly started to do it and the levels are ok then check the thermostat.

What electromagnetic waves need to travel?

Nothing. Electromagnetic radiation (waves) can travel through a vacuum. Which is why they radiate from the Sun to Earth. They can travel through a medium to varying extents, but they need nothing to travel, other than being propagated (started) in the first place. For lower frequencies (e.g. radio through microwave) they can be blocked by metal and other good conductors, for higher frequencies (e.g. infrared through ultraviolet) they can be blocked by most solids and liquids, for x-rays they can only be blocked by very dense materials (e.g. bone, lead), and for gamma ray nothing can block them.

BV200 Weedeater Leaf Blower you have installed a new carburetor and plug. The pump fills up with gas but it will not go into the cylinder and does not start What gives?

Don't know if this is YOUR problem but mine stopped running after 8 seasons after slowly losing power.I took it apart completely and found that one of the two Allen head bolts/screws that holds the cylinder in place was loose. I tightened it and after reassembling it, it started right up and has never run better!AlternativelyCommon faults are: Air lock (press and release PRIMER button, allow to return, repeat). Blocked fuel filter, blocked/kinked fuel lines, blocked air filter, blocked muffler(accompanied by loss of power and bad starting).

Why did the battle of edgehill happen?

it happened because Charles I wanted to gain control of London in order to win the civil war and parliament knew they had to stop this. So while the royalist's were on their journey to London the parliamentarians blocked there path and this started the battle of Edge Hill!

Who has the all-time blocked shots in the NCAA?

In one NCAA tournament game, Shaquille O'Neal blocked 11 shots.Single Game: Mickell Gladness, a 6-11 junior from Alabama A&M University blocked 16 shots against Texas Southern in a 79-73 victory in 2007.Career: The all-time leader in NCAA basketball is Jarvis Varnado. He played at Mississippi State and over a four year career (141 games) swatted 564 shots. Blocks records for NCAA ball technically started in 1986.Number 2 is Wojciech Mydra with 535.

When was itv set up?

They started broadcasting in 1955.They started broadcasting in 1955.They started broadcasting in 1955.They started broadcasting in 1955.They started broadcasting in 1955.They started broadcasting in 1955.They started broadcasting in 1955.They started broadcasting in 1955.They started broadcasting in 1955.They started broadcasting in 1955.They started broadcasting in 1955.

How was Shintoism started?

How was Shintoism started? How was Shintoism started?

how to get started?

how to get started?

Where do i get started?

Where do i get started

How did target get started?

how did Target ge started? how did Target get started?

What is started in Irish?

started ="thosaigh" I started = thosaigh mé

Endless Ocean 2 Adventures of the Deep how do you get out of the temple?

you go back the way you came only to find its blocked then go back to where you started and in one of the halls below you there is a door on the bottom that can only be opened by your dragon flute, it will take you to the exit and then you will be safe, after you will be taken back to nineball island.. HOPE IT HELPSSSXXXX

Who started the measurement of time?

Who started the measurement of time? you started the measurement of time, who else would have started it