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My tracfone started displaying a unregistered sim when i turned it off and back on now it says sim blocked what do i do?


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August 13, 2014 4:22PM

That's what happened to me so I called them and in about a few days a new SIM card came in the mail! It doesn't cost a thing it's free!

I had the same problem. Rather than waiting for an answer from their notoriously non-existent customer service, I took the sim card out of the phone, wiped it vigorously on my tshirt (soft cotton), wiped the contacts inside the phone, reinserted the SIM card. IT worked! Ha ha ha ha! Take that you useless Tracfone scum!(lol i tried this and found out there was a piece of plastic under mine! lolz -david)

Daniel Piche wrote: Same problem, same solution. thanks David