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If your sprinklers were set up properly, your pump should continue to run all the time the sprinklers are working. This saves wear and tear on the motor. Cycling is the worse thing you can do to a pump and motor.

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Can you bury sch 40 PVC pipe?

Depends on what it is used for. Typically this is what you can find in your lawn sprinkler system. If it is under a roadway you will have to bury it deeper than the normal (Cal 18").

How does a fire sprinkler valve water flow alarm actuate?

There are several different types of water-flow alarms:paddle-wheel gong, where flowing water directly turns a clapper on a bell;pressure-drop sensors, which activate an electrical alarm when a sprinkler opens;water-flow sensors inside pipes, which activate an electrical alarm; andwater-presence sensors that detect water in a pipe where it normal is excluded.Other types of sensors simply detect when a valve is moved to a new position, either manually or automatically.

When the ball lies near a water sprinkler can I make a drop without penalty just to have a better stance?

Check local rules for full ruling. But the official rule is, if the sprinkler head affects your stance, or is within two club lengths of your line of play you are entitled to a free drop. You take your free drop as normal, within one club length from the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole.

What causes low water pressure from a deep well to a sprinkler system but not to the house?

More than likely it is the size of the (supply) pipe from the pump to the system. If you have a larger supply going to the house and less demand (one facuet on vs. 4 sprinkler heads on) the presure will be greater in the house. If you increase the size of the supply to the system it will help. Just remember presure and volume work in concert with each other. GOOD LUCK!ANS 2 - Systems like this always work better if the well pipe goes directly to the pressure tank. At the tank outlet you have two pipes, one to house, one to irrigation. A larger tank than normal is necessary too, at least a 100 gal tank, operating at 50-80 psi is desirable.

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