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Normal chroline level in pool water is nothing more than tap water out of the faucet. As long as the pool water tests normal when testing with your pool test kit, you can let your grass enjoy the water. I do it all the time when draining rain water off my above the ground pool. I put a pump in the pool and run a garden hose to the sprinkler. The grass does well.

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Q: When you drain an above-ground pool can you safely use the water to water your moisture-starved landscape?
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It depends what you mean by "soil type." There are two main factors involved here: 1. How quickly can water move through the soil? 2. Is there a place for the water to go? In a low-lying spot on the landscape, there may be no place for water to go. In that case, no soil type will be well drained. If there IS a place for the water to go, the soil types that will drain quickest will be sands, and soils with strongly developed structure. The ones that drain the slowest will be those high in expandable clays (which shrink and swell when moisture is removed or added). If you would like your own soil in a garden to be better drained than it is, build raised beds. Raised beds will give the water a place to go. Soils high on the landscape drain quickest, soils in low spots drain the slowest.

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