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Neutralization always produces water, H2O (the 2 is actually a sub-script).

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Q: Name and formula for the chemical substance which is always produced in a neutralization reaction?
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The substance produced as a result of a chemical reaction?

product the substance produced as a result of a chemical reaction

A substance formed in chemical reaction is a?

Anew substance that is formed is a product in a chemical reaction

What are products in a chemical reaction apex?

The new substance that are produced

Substance produced as a result of a chemical reaction?


The substance produced as a rusult of a chemical reaction?


Substance produced by a chemical reaction?


What is neutalism?

The correct spelling is neutralization. It is a chemical reaction where an acid and base react to form a salt. Water is often produced in the reaction, but not always.

Why is the boiling of water not a chemical reaction?

Because no new substance is produced

What substance produced in a chemical reaction?

These substances are called products in English.

The substances that are produced in a chemical change are called?

chemical reaction is when a substance is changed chemicaly but not physicaly

What type of chemical reaction is an ionic compound called salt always produced?

A neutralization reaction will always produce a salt. Acid + base = salt + water

What chemical reaction can be used to make a liquid less alkaline?

This chemical reaction is called neutralization.