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Name of parents of juan ponce de leon?


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your mom's name is his mom's name and your aunt's name is his dad's name

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The name of Juan Ponce De Leon spouse Leonor Ponce De Leon

his real name is JUAN PONCE DE LEON.

His Parents were unknown

His name was Henry Ponce de Leon.

Lope Ponce de Leon(dad) and Catalina de Leon(mom)

what interesting facts are there about juan ponce de leon

Juan Ponce de Leon sailed for Spain.

Juan Ponce De Leon Juan Ponce De Leon

Spain funded Juan ponce de leon!!

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Juan Ponce De Leon did have parents everyone has parents is just that they could of died early or they left him(Brayan Ruelas) <=3

When he was a knight when he was young he was refreed to as Sir Juan Ponce de Leon. But, nobody knows another name, but he could have had another name.

He had 10000000€ when he was 1

juan ponce de leon discovered Florida

Native Americans shot Juan Ponce de Leon.

Juan Ponce de Leon named Florida on April 2, 1513 because it was a flowerd land.

San Juan was Named After Juan Ponce De Leon around the early 1500

juan ponce de leon was from spain

Juan Ponce de Leon was from Santervas de Campos, in Spain

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Juan Ponce de Leon was looking for the legendary fountain of youth.

Juan Ponce De Leon died on July on 1521

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