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Name the oldest Indian religion?

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What Indian religion is perhaps the oldest religion still practiced in the world today?


What is the name of the oldest religion?


Which religion is the oldest in Europe?

Christianity is the oldest religion in Europe.

Is Islam the oldest religion of the word?

Hinduism is the world's oldest religion.

Is Catholicism the oldest religion?

Judaism is the oldest religion, Catholicism is the oldest Christian religion, and the only one founded by Our Blessed Lord, Himself.

Is Hinduism the oldest Religion?

Hinduism is the oldest known religion but not the very first .

What is the oldest religion of Japan?

The oldest religion of Japan is animism. Then came Shinto.

Which is the oldest religion known to man?

Sumerian religion is the oldest known to man

Oldest religion in the Middle East?

Judaism is the oldest religion from the Middle East.

What is the most oldest religion in the world?

Definitely Hinduism is oldest religion of the world

What religion is the oldest and third oldest?

Hinduism is the Oldest, and Zoroastrianism is the third oldest.

Which religion is known is the oldest?

Sumerian religion

Is the jainism is the oldest of all religion?

Jainism is not the oldest religion of the world. Animism and Hinduism have been cited as the oldest religions of the world.

What is the name of the Initial D first opening theme song?

oldest religion in the world

Is judiaism the oldest religion?

No. There was most likely religion before there was any form of writing, which make it impossible to know what the oldest religion was or is.

Why do Catholics say they are the oldest religion?

Catholics do not claim to be the oldest religion as there are a number of older religions, Judaism for example. However, Catholics do claim rightly to be the original and oldest Christian religion.

Is it true that Hinduism is the oldest world religion?

it is a true and the oldest religion in the world this was 1700 before Christianity

Is Islam the oldest religion?

Yes, it is the first religion.

What is the oldest known indian culture period?

the oldest known indian cultural periiod was the mississippian period

One of the oldest and holiest Indian cities lies on the banks of the river Shipra What is its name?


What it the oldest religion?


Is Hindu a religion?

'Hindu' is a follower of the religion - Hinduism. Hinduism is the oldest religion of the world.

What is the longest running religion?

Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world.

Which is the oldest religion which woships nature?

Probably the parsi religion.

What is Hinduism an example of?

Hinduism is an example of Indian Religions or Dharmic Religions. Hinduism being the world's oldest religion, it can also be an example of Ancient Religions.

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