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Brazil, Argentina, Mexico.


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the three types of immigrants are Economic immigrants, Family immigrants, and Refugees

the three cultures that used latin american music is africa, spanish, and portuguese infleunce the syncopated beat

The three Latin American countries on the Equator are: Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia. The northernmost part of Peru is only a tenth of a degree away from the Equator.

Well the real question is "What WERE NOT the three annexations of Latin America to the US that helped to create an American Empire. From eliminating those answers, you'll get in the ballpark

The three Latin American countries coloniezed by the British were Guyana, Belize, and a part of eastern Nicaragua often referred to as the Mosquito Coast.

Before, during and after the US Civil War immigrants from many places in the world found themselves in the United States. Among the most prevalent were immigrants from China, Ireland and Germany.

The latin word for three is "tres".

There are three of them:CubaPuerto RicoHaiti/Dominican Republic

The USA, Mexico and Canada are the three North American countries you can visit.

Three factors that caused United States forces to intervene in Latin American governmentsGermany threatened to invadeMexicans revolted against their governmentPancho Villa fled to Mexico

texas annexation ,mexican-american war, spanish-american war

Three: Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Antarctic Ocean

What are three effects immigrants had on the U.S. between 1840 and 1920

"Tres Sorores" is the phrase for three sisters in Latin.

The Romans had a triumvirate at times which was the rule of three individuals. Tri is the Latin stem for "three "and vir is the Latin word for man

Latino music is a blend from three different cultures pre-Columbian, Europeans and Africans

Yes. Tribrachial is the meaning of three arms in Latin

A native servant in the context of American slavery history refers to the servants and slaves of Native American origin. They became slaves in their original homeland to the extent of serving the immigrants as their bosses.

There are three countries in South America that lie on the equator. From west to east they are Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil.

Toussaint L'ouverture , Father Hidalgo , Jose de San Martin

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