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Names of prophets that are not in the quran?


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In Quran Only 25 Prophets are mentioned...Muhammad (PBUH) being the main one!!...others were mentioned in the old testoments (Torah,Plasm and Bible)!!

the prophets which are mentioned in the Quran are

Adam,Noah,(Abraham and his sons),Moses,(david and his son),Jesus,(Jacob & his son),Lut,Zakaria,Uzair,Younes,Idrees,Luqman...thts all i know....sorry friend..hope you will get more info from more people soon!!...=)

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There are 25 names of prophets mentioned in the Quran.

25 Prophets are mentioned in the Quran. If your interested in finding out more go read about them in the Quran yourself.

Not sure especially that the explicit mentioned names are different from one Bible to another.More information:No. Many other names are mentioned in the Bible in addition to the names of prophets.One more informationIn Quran, Muslims holy book, 25 prophets are mentioned by name although said in Quran that many other prophets are there but not mentioned by name in Quran. refer to related question below for the names of those 25 prophets.

in quran allah mentioned 25 prophets names.

25 , prophets are mentioned in holy Quran .

The mentioned prophets in Quran are 25 Muslim prophets. Refer to questions below.

Around 125000 prophets out of whom 25 are mentioned in Quran.

25 prophets in Islam ____________________________ It is said to be around 12500 prophets. However, only 25 prophet are mentioned in Quran.

Prophets Suleiman (or Solomon) and Saleh, peace be upon them.

There are many Islamic names for a Muslim male, a few would be Ibrahim, Ahmed, and Muhammad. Any names of the Prophets mentioned in the Quran would do. For more names please visit the website in related links.

Muslims, per Islam teachings, recognize and believe in all God prophets. Quran mentioned by name only 25 of them. Of those prophets, five are considered as the five greatest prophets. They are:NoahAbrahamMosesJesusMuhammadPeace be upon them all.Refer to question below for the names of the 25 prophets.

they are 124 thousand prophets not just 7! However the Quran only mentions 25 by name.

Virgin Mary (Mariam), God be pleased with her, is the only one mentioned by name in Quran other than prophets. There is also a chapter in Quran titled by the name Maiam (or Mary).

25 prophets are named in quran...........Jesus is mentioned has one of them , not the son of god..

25 prophets are mentioned by name explicitly in Quran. Refer to question below.

25 prophets are mention in quran by name there are more than 1 lacs prophets It started with last prophet muhammad(pbuh) and we worship lord(allah) by the teching of quran

They are 99 names or attributes mentioned for God in Quran.

All prophets are associated with Islam including whose names are mentioned in Quran. ________________________________ The greatest prophets associated with Islam are five; namely: Noah (or Nuh), Abraham (or Ibrahim). Moses (or Musa), Jesus (or Eissa), and Muhammad; peace be upon them all. Refer to question below.

1. Hazrat Zaid R. A. (SAHABI) 2. Fir'aon (A cruel ruler in time of Hazrat Moosa (A.S)

Adam(as), musa(as), isa(as). Solomon(as)

According to Islam all prophets named in Quran and testament are Muslims _________________________________________________ All God prophets are Muslim prophets before they called for Islam (that means in Arabic surrender to Allah; God in English and same God worshiped by Jews and Christians). They are more than 12500 God prophets; some of them (25 prophets) are mentioned by name in Quran. refer to question below.

25 prophets were mentioned in the holy book Quran. Refer to question below for more details.

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