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like a picture? go to Yahoo and image search bill kaulitz there are alot there of him with flatt hair

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How do you get bill kaulitz haircut?

You find a good picture with the Bill Kaulitz hair you want, you go to a hair saloon and ask to be cut like that.

How do you bill kaulitz hair?

Lots and lots of hair spray!!

Does Bill Kaulitz straight his hair?


Has bill kaulitz changed his hair to dreadlocks?

i can tell you that bill kaulitz has not changed his hair to dreadlocks. you may think so, but his twin brother tom kaulitz, (also in the band) is the one you may have seen. tom DOES have them but bill definatly does not.

How does Bill Kaulitz put his hair up?

With hairspray.

Is bill kaulitz hair curly or straight?


You will go to a hairstyle shop.what i will must tell to they to make the hairstyle of bill kaulitz to my hair?

you can take a picture of Bill Kaulitz along with you and just show it to the hair stylist

Does Bill Kaulitz date girls with curly hair?


Did bill kaulitz cut his hair?

Yes, he now has a mohawk.

What is Bill kaulitz hair during 2009?

He had dreads style in 2009.

Did bill kaulitz take out his dreadlocks out?

He never had his hair in dreads it was braded

What was the style of hair bill Kaulitz had in automatic?

He had the white and black dreads (:

Tom and bill kaulitz change their hair back?

Only they know that.

Did tom kaulitz dye his hair?

To black, yes. He and Bill has dirty blond hair normally.

Does Bill Kaulitz have naturally straight hair?

Yes, he had straight hair but they are not. He has a black hair that goes up which is a style of EMO!

Did bill kaulitz cut his hair in 2010?

yes and then he did a fabulous faux hawk!

Has Bill Kaulitz his hair painted gray?

Yes, he posted pics on the app.

Bill kaulitz like girls with long or short hair?

Bill Kaulitz like girls with long hair (must be longer than shoulder length, but not past her butt). He like girls with dark hair color: brown, black, or something of a dark shade. Bill have said that haircolor does not matter, but does really prefer dark hair on girls.

Will bill kaulitz change his hair back to the mane?

I don't think Bill himself knows the answer to this one. He does what he feels right.

How long does it take to get perfect bill kaulitz hair?

Well, you can't get perfect Bill Kaulitz looking hair, probably not even close =/ Bill once said in an interview: It takes ALOT of hairspray and about 2 hours to do. Of course, Bill is used to doing his hair everyday and it takes him 2 hours so it would probably take you about 3-4 hours to do.

Did bill kaulitz really get dreads?

technically yes But they're fake dreads, not his own hair. Like yarn.

What years has Bill Kaulitz had his biggest style andor hair changes?

He went from his big poof to a mohawk in 2010.

Where can you find photos of bill kaulitz's girlfriend. i remember she had dark hair and green eyes?

Bill kaulitz has no girlfriend!!! and he has never dated lafee!

Is Bill Kaulitz hair braided?

I think you might mean Tom. Bill is the singer with short hair that he sometimes wear as a fohawk. His brother Tom plays guitar and has his hair braided. Improved answer Bill braided his hair too in 2009 when Tokio Hotel released Humanoid City album

Did bill kaulitz copy his hair from a Japanese singer?

No, he used the same style of hair for a disguise party on Halloween day, he disguised as a vampire and just loved it

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