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Remove the vacuum lines, remove the high pressure and the return hydraulic lines, Use an 18" extension and a 15mm swivel socket with a ratchet to remove the lower bolt holding the assembly to the timing cover from under the truck. Remove the top bolt with a 15mm wrench from above. The entire assembly can now be removed from the truck and further disassembly can be carried out on a bench. You will have to remove the 2 vacuum pumps first. Then drive the gear off the shaft with a bolt that fits the threads on the end of the shaft. Use an air impact gun to drive the bolt in the hole and remove the gear and vacuum pump bearing. Then unbolt the alloy housing from the pump. To reassemble, Bolt the alloy housing onto the new pump. Then use the long bolt supplied with the new pump to drive the bearing and gear onto the new pump. Then install the 2 vacuum pumps and bolt the entire assembly back onto the timing housing. Reattach the hydraulic lines (I would suggest a new high pressure line) using the new o-rings supplied and attach the vacuum lines. Fill with Power Steering fluid and you are done.

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Q: Need diagram for removing power steering pump from 89 Dodge Cummins. If not then how to?
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