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Need facts about freaky cave in folsom Louisiana which was tied in with deadman walking?

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2014-02-16 12:30:07

I actually live less than 2 miles from the point known as freaky

or frikies cave. The area known as freaky cave is actually in

Washington parish in a small area known as boner creek. this area

became famous when a man kidnapped 2 girls and murdered one of them

and placed the body in this area. the man had then began a story

now known as "dead man walking". this area became well known

because it is right next to a massive gravel pit. for any questions

just ask me at spenceralan515@yahoo.com

Frickies cave was the site of the murder of 18 year old Faith

Colleen Hathaway . The man did not begin the story known as dead

man walking. A nun wrote it in part based on his heinous crimes.

Faith was stabbed 18 times in the neck and chest , had her fingers

cut off and was raped.

The monsters were Robert Lee Willie and Joseph Vacaro.

Robert Willie recieved the death penalty for his crime.


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