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I don't know if this is it or not, but years ago my wife's car did this. It ran fine the day before. It turn out to be the catalytic converter was clogged up. Try putting your hand near the exhaust pipe and see how much exhaust is coming out. Good luck. Are you getting P0171 and P0174 'check engine' error / trouble scan codes? (indicate a lean condition Bank 1 and Bank 2, respectively)

See "Related Questions" below for another possible cause, that involves leaking intake ports.

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Why does My 1996 fiesta seem to kangaroo at certain throttle positions and then when more throttle applied it seems ok and also it sometimes stalls on stopping?

Must be a wallabee in the carbureator.

Why does your Geo Metro start up at full throttle?

its your Idle control motor, mounted on the throttle body under the air cleaner, its not retracting, my car did the same thing , scared the bjezze out of me. I dont know why its not retracting, i tested mine out an it goes in/ out with voltage applied so it might me an ECM problem

Why won't your 1991 Talon non turbo operate when the alternator is brand new and the mass air flow sensor is also new but there is a rough idle and car stalls when throttle is applied?

Timing is off.

Where is the transponder for prado j120 located in a car?

What transponder? There is one in the key as is most Toyotas, that communicates with the ECU for anti theft, and there is a recorder that runs in a continous 30 second loop that records vehicle speed, engine speed (rpms) gear you are in, amount of throttle applied, brakes applied, used for accident investigations

What is 2002 Trouble Code PO402 Nissan Frontier Pick UP?

That code is for the EGRC-BPT valve. This valve monitors exhaust pressure to activate the diaphram, controlling throttle body vacuum applied to the EGR valvel.

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